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Who established hollister?

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the same people who established abercrombie and fitch co.

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When was hollister established?

AFTER aeropostale in 1922 by john hollister

What year was Hollister established in?


Who created hollister?

A group of Pacific Merchants that established their first store in Hollister in 1922

When was hollister made?

established July 2000 actually established 1922

Who was hollister named after?

If you are referring to the store then.The Hollister clothing store is named after its founder, John Hollister and The company was established in 2000. There you go your answer!

When was Hollister company established?

2000, not 1922 like it says on the shirts

Why is there a 22 on hollister clothes?

Because it was established in 1922 just like Aeropostale is A87 because it was est. in 1987

John m hollister?

JOHN M. HOLLISTER;is the man who created Hollister Co.JOHN M. HOLLISTER;is the man who created Hollister Co.

Which store do they get hollister?

You can only get Hollister clothing in a Hollister shop.

When did hollister first took place?

Well the first Hollister store opened in 2000 in Ohio. To me this really takes away from their authenticity because it is supposed to be a California lifestyle brand and it says on almost all their clothes "established 1922".

Where is hollister sold at?

You can buy Hollister brand clothes at Hollister, or

Is their such thing as hollister?

it depends on what you are asking. yes there is a hollister store. and yes there is a place called hollister. it is in california. (hollister california)

Who is JM Hollister?

J.M. Hollister Was The Founder Of The Hollister Clothinq Company In 1922 : )

Is Hollister in London ON?

hollister is in California !

Do they sell hollister bags?

In Hollister!

Who makes the hollister clothes?

hollister does?

Is Sally Welsh still running Hollister?

sally welsh was never running hollister. the creator of hollister is john m. hollister.

How did John M Hollister come up with the idea of creating Hollister?

How did he create Hollister

Did JM Hollister start Hollister?

no he didn't. people from abercrombie created hollister in 1912.

How did hollister get its name?

Hollister is a small town in California, as you see on the hollister tee's it always states "Hollister CA" that's were one of the main factories are and also were Hollister got started. There is also a large Hollister factory in Puerto Rico.

Where did Hollister Cos name originate from?

a city in California was called hollister and hollister originate from there. They began by making a store move out and then they named it hollister

How do you say Hollister in Spanish?

Because Hollister is a brand name store, it would not have a Spanish translation. Hollister is Hollister in both Spanish and English.

Who is the creator of Hollister Co?

John Hollister

Who started Hollister?

John Hollister was the founder!

Where did hollister originate?

the town 'Hollister' in California

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