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Who explored Florida first?


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Juan Ponce De Leon Juan Ponce De Leon


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Juan Ponce De Leon was the first European to find la Florida.

The Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon explored the east coast of Florida.

The Spanish were in charge of Florida when Hernando de Soto explored there.

Ponce de LeonPonce de Leon explored Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth.

The Spanish conquistador Alvar Cabeza de Vaca explored Texas and eventually reached Mexico after the disastrous Narvaez expedition to Florida in 1528.

he explored Florida. he was trying to find the fountain of youth. he explored some part of America with Columbus, he explored Florida after that, and then he found Puerto Rico. that's 3.

It was first explored in 1985.

he explored Florida and named it a name

In 1513, Ponce de Leon discovered explored Florida, which he claimed for Spain. It is believed that he landed near St. Augustine in March of 1513.

It was first explored by Francisco Coronado!

The Vikings first explored Quebec and name it Vinland

Portugal explored the New World first

It was first explored by Auguste Piccard in the year nineteen thirty one.

Yes, Jaun Ponce De Leon discovered and explored Florida.

he explored Florida San Salvador Cuba Borinquen Cape Canaveral dry Tortugas

Jacques Cartier was the French explorer who first explored Canada.

What country first explored Ohio, and claimed it as a territory

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we haven't explored mars yet but we have set a rover.

nobody HAS ever explored Saturn if they did- they would be dead

The first planet to be explored by a space probe is Venus. Hope this helps. : )

The Caribbean was first explored by the Native Americans. Christopher Columbus was among the first Europeans to explore the Caribbean.

He explored Florida on the North American continent.

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