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Who first used the bassoon?

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lil Hitler

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Which instrument came first out of oboe and bassoon?


Where did the bassoon first originate from and who invented it?

The Bassoon first originated in Germany. The Bassoon wasn't really invented. It developed and appeared during the renaissance.

Where was the bassoon first discovered?

The bassoon was made in Germany, around the 1650s. Martin Hotterterre was the main man in discovering the bassoon.

What wood is used to make a bassoon?

A bassoon is usually made from maple wood.

What is the bassoons origanal name?

Well the bassoon has many names just like any instrument, and like many low-playing instruments, the bassoon in English has the word "bass" used in the name, but "bassoon" isn't the instruments first name. The first names of the bassoon were, Fag0tt, Fag0tt0, or Fag0t, depending on which language or region the printed music was made in.

When was the first bassoon first constructed?


How expensive is a bassoon?

It depends on the bassoon. If its a student bassoon, plastic, and used it'll be a lot cheaper then a wooden student bassoon. Most student bassoon ive seen are from around 6k to 13k. Professional bassoon can be a lot more expensive then that though....

What did the bassoon used to be made of?


Where did the bassoon first originate?

Germany. Germany.

What time period was the bassoon used in?

my balls

When was the bassoon First played in concert?

it was played by a queerbag

Who plays a bassoon?

people who play the bassoon are people who play the bassoon, like me from bassoon bandit

What instruments were used in castle on the hill?


About opera arias in which bassoon is used as obbligato instrument?

The website lists many arias with obbligato bassoon, published and unpublished.

What musican play a double bassoon?

Typically the double bassoon (or contrabassoon) is given to the third or fourth chair bassoon, leaving the principal bassoon to play the 1st bassoon part and the 2nd chair bassoon to play the 2nd bassoon part. In some cases the double bassoon part is an auditioned spot, meaning that someone specifically auditioned for the double bassoon.

Where was the bassoon made?

The modern day bassoon was first made in Germany, but similar reed instruments date back to ancient Egyptian times.

What is a bassoon cane?

Cane is the material used in the production of reeds.

Are there more than one bassoon types?

Yes, a German bassoon and a french bassoon

Where was the bassoon invented?

The bassoon was invented in Germany.

What is the name of the bassoon?

pie from bassoon bandit

What is the timbre of the bassoon?

Not on a bassoon maybe a Tenon??

What is the plural for bassoon?

The plural of bassoon is bassoons.

How long is the bassoon?

unfolded, the bassoon would be around 8 feet. The contra bassoon is twice as long as the bassoon and would be around 16 feet unfolded.

What is the bassoon used for?

The bassoon is a musical instrument in the woodwind family. It is the lowest, or bass, voice in the woodwind choir. It often duplicates the cello voice in orchestral compositions.

The bassoon was used for?

In the orchestra, playing solo or support the bass line.

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