Who gets a scholarship?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Who gets a scholarship?
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Who gets offered the joffery ballet scholarship on dance moms?

They only show Chloe receiving a scholarship but Maddie did as well

What is a partial scholarship?

When someone gets a little money for college, but not all of it.

Is there a scholarship for having big feet?

Is this a joke? Big feet does not get you a scholarship. Hard work, education, and talent gets you a real scholarshipyou can to what you smoking

Who's next to leave on house of Anubis?

Mick Will because he gets a scholarship to a place in Austrailia

What episode of iCarly is when Carly drank away from the drinking fountain?

The one where Carly gets a scholarship for Briawood School.

Do college football players ever get cut?

college football players do not get cut, in a way they are students of the university or college but they can be suspended indefinetly. they can also have their scholarship revoked or taken away. for example if a player is offered a divisoin 1 full ride scholarship and plays a game of pick up football with his friends and gets hurt. the university has the right to take that scholarship from that player.

What is another way to say given a scholarship?

You could say 'received a scholarship.' +++ Or 'awarded a scholarship'

Is scholarship capitalized?

No, unless the scholarship has a specific name like the College Talk Scholarship, or it is at the beginning of the sentence.

What are the most prestigious scholarships?

Gates Millennium Scholarship Discover Scholarship Coca-Cola Scholarship QuestBridge

Where will you get the scholarship questions?

Depends on the scholarship, usually from the college.

Did Whitney Houston receive a scholarship?

did she get a scholarship or did she have to pay

How do you get an scholarship for ob-gyn?

from standard chartered scholarship