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Q: Who has an all black background flag?
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What country has a flag with an all black background?

The country with a flag that has an all black background is Libya.

What does the black background on the Australian flag signify?

The Australian flag doesn't have a black background. It's blue. The Aboriginal flag, however, includes a black stripe representing the Aboriginal people, but this is not the national flag.

What flag has a black cross on a green background?

the Australian flag

What are the colors of the south Korean flag?

black, white, red, and blueThe South Korean flag colors include the white background. The other colors on the flag are red, blue, and black.

What colours are in the Somali flag?

white star at the centre with black background

What flag has a black cross with white trim on a green background?

The Country of Dominica

How does the Albanian flag look like?

It is a black double headed eagle on a red background.

What do the olympic cymbols mean?

All the colours: red,black,blue,green and yellow all on a white background. Every flag in the world has One of those colours in.

What is the prinicipal motif of the Jamaican flag?

The background of the flag is primarily green and there is a gold "X" in the center. Black fills in the sides of the "X."

What flag has a white background and what looks like a black slave face its hanging in Conwy?

The flag of Corsica is white with the head of an African.

Black or red background for a pirate flag?

Most pirate flags have a black background since this is the traditional coloring. However, there are some that have red coloring instead. It may be a more unique on a traditional design to have the background be red rather than black.

What color is not on the flag of any country?

The colours which ARE on the Olympic flag are Red Blue Green Yellow and Black on a White background. Any other colours than these are not on the Olympic flag.