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Who has scored the most goals in soccer?

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Pele has recorded 1201 goals.

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kaka in brazil scored the most goals in soccer but it is about to be defeated. :D

Pelé has scored the most goals. He scored 1281 goals in 1363 games.

Pele scored the most goals ever he scored over 1000 goals in his career

Brazil have scored the most goals in their games.

The most goals by a soccer player is by Pele , who has scored over a thousand goals in his life..

Pele has the most goals in the history of soccer. He scored almost 1200 goals.

Pele has recorded 1201 goals.

it is Pele a legend of football he has scored 1280 goals

They aren't, most are scored from open play.

willy su tai from Taiwan scored 67 goals

Brazil's Ronaldo top scored with 8 goals.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento is the man who has scored the most goals during his professional soccer career. He scored approximately 1,279 goals.

Currently Pele from Brazil is officially the person to hae scored most goals with over 1000 goals in his career.

I have socorred 17 goals in a single soccer game

Ali Daie from the Iranian National soccer team He scored 23 goals in one match


What is the most goals scored by a soccer team in a match Astralia 31-0 AmericaSamoa 2002 FIFA World Cup QualifiER

Brazilian goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni has scored the most soccer goalie goals of all time. Have a look at the related link below for more information.

in 1997 Manchester uniteds scored 10 goals against Liverpool

Lionel Messi, who scored a record 86 goals in 2012.

Landon Donovan has scored 5 goals in FIFA World Cup games, the most of any US Soccer player.

A winner is decided in soccer by how many goals scored. The team with the most goals wins. Occasionally there is a tie, which means each team scored the same amount.

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