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Tiger Woods of course !

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How many PGA Championships has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods has won 4 PGA Championships (1999, 2000, 2006, 2007).

How many championships has Tiger Woods won all together?

18 Amateur Championships. 92 professional wins, including 68 PGA Tour wins and 14 major championships.

Most wins in golf for a PGA career?

Sam Snead, he won 82 PGA Tour titles.

At what age did tiger get his PGA tour card?

Once he won his first PGA Tour event in 1996 he got a two year PGA Tour exemption.

How much money has Tiger Woods won during his lifetime on the PGA tour?

Tiger Woods' career earning on the PGA Tour is $87,832,539. (Source PGA Tour website)

How much has Kenny perry won on the PGA tour?

His career earnings are $30,116,567 on the PGA Tour. As of 3rd August 2009.

How many times has tiger woods won on the PGA tour?

The 2009 Buick Open was his 69th PGA Tour title.

How much money has Tiger Woods won on the PGA tour?

As of June 2008 he had won a total of $81,004,376 on the PGA tour. This is only tournament proceeds and does not include any endorsements.

What golfer has won the most PGA tour events?

As of the 2008 season, that would be Sam Snead with 82.

South African golfer Ernie?

Ernie Els is a PGA tour golfer from South Africa who has won many PGA Tour tournaments.

Who won the first PGA tour championship?

Tom Watson won it in 1987 when it was known as The Nabisco Championship. But Craig Stadler won it in 1991 when it was known as The Tour Championship. To improve on the answer to this question, we have to clarify the question. The PGA of America runs the PGA Championship which is the final of four "major" championships held each year. The PGA Tour Championship does not exist. There is, however, a PGA Tour Player's Championship. It was formerly known as "The Nabisco" which was won in 1987 by Tom Watson. The first ever PGA Championship was played in 1916 and was won by Jim Barnes. Jim won $500. Lastly, if the questioner meant, "who won the first ever PGA Tour event?", that would be a tuff one to answer. The PGA was formed in 1968 when some of the touring players broke off from the PGA of America to create their own association. Since that happened mid-season, I can't answer specifically. But I do know that Lee Trevino won his first Major Championship, The U.S. Open...and Roberto De Vicenzo lost his only Major, The Masters, by signing an incorrect score card...and Julius Boros won The PGA Championship in my home town of San Antonio, Texas, at the Pecan Valley Golf Club (my dad took me to see it), all in 1968.

How many tournaments has Jack Nicholas won?

Jack Nicklaus has won 113 worldwide professional tournaments. This includes 73 PGA Tour wins which is second all time, only behind Sam Snead. He has also won the most major championships of all time with 18.

How many wins does Tiger Woods have on the PGA Tour?

Through 2009, Tiger Woods has won 71 PGA Tour event wins.

How many PGA championships has Zach Johnson won?

American professional golfer Zach Johnson has won 7 PGA tour events to date, including the 2007 Masters Tournament. Other wins include the BellSouth Classic, the Valero Texas Open, and the Sony Open in Hawaii.

How many times has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods has won 14 professional major golf championships, the second highest of any male player, and 71 PGA Tour events, third all time.

How many championships has Zach Johnson won?

Zach Johnson, the American professional golfer, has had many championship victories. Since turning pro in 1998, he won nine PGA Tour tournaments, including the 2007 Masters.

Whats the Golf record for most PGA tournament wins in a career?

Currently the record for most PGA Tour career wins sits at 82, set by Sam Snead. Snead was able to play competitive Tour golf into his fifties and won his last Tour event in 1965 at the age of 53.

Who won the 2008 PGA tour championship?

Padraig Harrington won the 2008 PGA Championship. He made it 2 majors won in a row after winning the British Open (AKA the Open Championship).

What 1996 PGA tour event did Gordon sherry play?

Gordon Sherry played in the 1996 Greater Vancouver Open. He won $4,100, and was included in the 1996 PGA Tour money list.

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