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Who helped Bilbo escape the tree?

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Bilbo hung on to Dori's legs when the eagle plucked Dori from the tree. Therefore, both the eagle and Dori were instrumental in helping Bilbo escape from the tree.

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Who helped Bilbo escape into the tree?

{| |- | Dori was the one who helped him. He climbed back down out of the tree and boosted Bilbo up. He was almost caught by the wolves as he scrambled back up into safety. |}

How does bilbo escape?

By using his ring.

How does Bilbo help the Dwarves escape from the Wood Elves?

They escape in barrels sent downriver to be filled.

How is Bilbo a different character after climbing a tree?

After climbing the tree, Bilbo is filled with a sense of adventure, rather than his previous desire to live life quietly.

Where did Bilbo go in 'The Hobbit'?

Bilbo was hired by Thorin and his party of dwarves. They went to the Lonely Mountain. There Bilbo helped them retrieve their treasure from the dragon Smaug.

How were Bilbo and the traveler's lucky in the Hobbit?

if referring to chapter 10, the quick escape

Who helped slaves escape to freedom?

It was Harriet Tubman who helped the slaves escape.

How did Bilbo escape from the cave in The Hobbit?

In the Hobbit Bilbo escapes from the cave because Gollum thinks that he found his ring and knew the way out. So Gollum started to go to the exit but Bilbo had put on his ring and followed Gollum to the exit. However Gollum was blocking the exit because he was searching desperetly so Bilbo had to jump over him to escape. Gollum noticed the wind fly past him though but he didn't manage to catch Bilbo

How does Gollum unexpectedly helps Bilbo in his escape?

After Bilbo puts on the Ring and turns invisible, Gollum cannot find him, and thinks he has made his way towards the exit. Gollum heads to the exit and Bilbo follows him.

Who helped Harriet Tubman escape?

No one helped Harriet Tubman escape she helped herself. She's the founder of the Underground Railroad and she was a spy. She helped 300 people escape and be free

What did Bilbo see from the top of the oak tree in mirkwood?

Bilbo saw more and more trees in all directions, as well as the sky.

Why does Bilbo find as he crawls blindly along the floorof the tunnel?

Bilbo finds the ring that he later finds out belongs to Gollum who lost it. Gollum riddles with him in order to eat him, after bilbo asks him what is in his pocket he gets it after he helped bilbo get out of the mountain.

How did Bilbo and the dwarves escape the fire in the trees?

Gandalf called the eagles. The eagles are huge, and they bore the dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf safely away from the fire on their backs.

Who played a key role in the escape of the dwarves?

Bilbo, with the aid of his wits and his invisible ring.

How does the company escape Gollum in 'The Hobbit'?

The company isn't actually all with Gollum, only Bilbo. Bilbo uses the ring he picked up amid his wanderings to escape, which happened to be the one Gollum was looking for. It turns the wearer invisible.

How does Bilbo escape from Gollum in The Hobbit?

While running from Gollum Bilbo trips and the great ring of power "accidentially" slips onto his finger & he escapes while invisible.

How does Bilbo escape from the trolls?

The trolls debate with each other about how they are going to cook Bilbo and the Dwarves for so long that the sun rises overhead, turning the trolls to stone.

How is Bilbo Baggins separated from the group?

During the escape from Goblin-town, Bilbo was knocked unconscious and he fell into one of the side passages, where he was not discovered. The Dwarves ran on, trying to escape, and didn't realize Bilbo wasn't with them. They waited outside for some time, hoping he would appear, and were nearly ready to go on without him when he finally made it out.

How does Bilbo escape the trolls?

He managed to escape while the dwarves where being caught. Gandalf rescued them by throwing his voice and having them argue with each other.

Who saved Bilbo and the Dwarves?

When Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves were trapped in the tree tops by the goblins and wargs, the great eagles arrived and carried them away to safety.

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