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Hitler inspired Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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his mother

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Q: Who inspired Franklin D. Roosevelt?
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Who inspired Franklin Roosevelt?

Hitler inspired Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Who was nickname Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The new deal was initiated by witch president?

The New Deal was Franklin Roosevelt's program for stimulating the economy.

Which president signed the Social Security bill?

fdr Franklin D. Roosevelt for the ones that dont know what that sais..

Whose nickname was Franklin D Roosevelt?

Franklin D Roosevelt

Was Franklin D Roosevelt a federalist?

No. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Democrat.

What was Franklin D. Roosevelt's occupation?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was president.

Is Franklin D. Roosevelt single?

No, franklin D Roosevelt is not single.

When was Franklin D. Roosevelt born?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882.

Why was Franklin D. Roosevelt called Franklin D. Roosevelt?

because franklin liked food

Who is Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt a friend of Einstein?

who was franklin d. roosevelt friends