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Who introduced Tobacco into Britain and when?

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The jury is still out on this, there are three main contenders for the honour, the most likely being Sir John Hawkins, 2nd favourite is Richard Grenville, and the outsider/longshot is Sir Francis Drake.

Notice that Sir Walter Raleigh's name is not among those above after many years being touted as the person who brought tobacco to Britain, his name has now been dropped from the idea, however, he is the person who popularised the habit in Queen Elizabeth's court.

When?, it is thought mid 16th century.

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Sir Walter Raleigh is said to have introduced tobacco to the UK.

If you mean as in a form for smoking, it was introduced by Portuguese traders in AD 1600. The same traders introduced seeds (in the 1700's) which were the basis for the beginning of tobacco farming.

Back in the early 1600's, colonists in Jamestown began to plant a type of tobacco that was introduced to them by the Native Americans. That tobacco had an extremely bad taste to it and was unsuitable as a cash crop. A few years later, a man, named John Rolfe introduced a type of tobacco from the Trinity (in the Caribbean) which thrived at Jamestown. That tobacco also had a better taste to it, making it a good cash crop. The colony traded the tobacco primarily with England for other supplies necessary to the survival of the colony.

Introduced into Britain by Sir Frances Drake in 1580

A. A Erskine has written: 'Tobacco growing in Great Britain and Ireland' -- subject(s): Tobacco, Great Britain, Ireland

Chess was introduced into Britain in 1066.

Due to the tension between the United States and Great Britain tobacco was no longer exported from the US to this country in 1777. Instead Great Britain found that Australia had the ability to grow tobacco and export it to the country.

The Native American's introduced tobacco to the colonies in Virginia. John Rolfe was the first of the colonist to learn how to cultivate tobacco.

He introduced tobacco to the New World.

They started growing Tobacco in 1612 but they did not get a final product that could be exported until 1617.

Tobacco saved it. John Rolf introduced tobacco to the colony and because of it tobacco was grown everywhere it could be planted and was used as money.

The Ottoman Turks ( now known as Turkey) introduced the coffee all around the Europe including Britain;

You are allowed to bring back enough Golden tobacco from Bulgaria to Great Britain to last a year. You must tell them that the tobacco is for personal use.

No. Tobacco was unknown in Europe during the middle ages. It was introduced from America after the voyages of Columbus

It wasn't bad it actually helped them with the problems they were having with how to make money., and had good tobacco. John Rolfe introduced the people to this Sweet Tobacco.

introduced tobacco production in the colony

The Native Americans introduced corn, squash, and tobacco to the British settlers.

English was introduced in Fiji on the early arrivals of Missionaries from Britain.

i think introduced corn tobacco and chilli

The first cash crop that was introduced to South Carolina was rice. After that was indigo and then tobacco.

Great Britain introduced the postage stamp in 1840.

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