Who invented Skittles?

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The inventor was the president of M&M/Mars candy company none other than Paul Michaels.

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Q: Who invented Skittles?
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Who invented Skittles Paul Michaels or Rick Walden?

Paul Michaels I think is the one who invented skittles

Who invented the Skittles?

Skittles were actually invented by a guy called Mr.Skittles.The idea of him inventing skittles was, he was looking up in the sky at a rainbow and was thinking of all the flavors the colors made.Thats how the Delicious skittles were made:).

Who really invented Skittles?

i did(:

Who invented Tropical Skittles?

The Mars Company is the founder of Skittles, M&M's and the Mars Bar. So that means that Mars Company invented tropical skittles and all the other different flavours and colours of skittles.

Why are skittles are invented?

They "were" invented so that a business could make money.

When where darkside skittles invented?

january 7th 2013

When was the skittles invented?

originally in England in 1974 but in the US, 1981

Where were Skittles invented?

the willy wonka factory OOMPA LOOMPAS

Which country was sour Skittles invented?

In the USA by Mrs. Billingsley

When were Skittles invented?

a long time ago in a place where they are made:)

Why are Skittles certain colors?

That is the flavors the man who invented skittles thought would be best. Also ths way you can tell which flavor your about to eat.

What is the significance of colors?

they give skittles more taste, and colors where invented in the 1950s

World busiest museum?

skittles skittles skittles

Where did the skittles candy get the name skittles?

when they were playing skittles .

Why are Skittles haram?

because there is gelatin in skittles an It is haram by the way there are new skittles they are called skittles original they are hilal

Is blue skittles better than purple skittles?

Yes blue skittles is better than purple skittles

How do you spell Skittles?

The game is spelled skittles. The capitalized form Skittles refers to a chewy fruit candy.

Which Skittles candy original flavor is found in Tropical skittles-Wild berry skittles-Sour skittles and skittles Crazy cores?


Do skittles have gelatin?

is skittles haram

Is there sugar in Skittles?

Yes skittles have sugar in them

What makes Skittles shiny?

Skittles are sprayed with a liquid sugar when their made and when they dry the skittles are SHINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are skittles good for you?

Yes. Skittles are fat-free, good for your heart, therefore, Skittles are healthy.

How are skittles made and where they come up with skittles?

Skittles are made in north America and new zeland

What is the street name for Skittles?

errr, skittles?i didnt know people called them anything except skittles they are skittles to me lolsorry this isn't very helpful!

Where do you send things to Skittles?

You send things to the Skittles factory address which is located on the back of a Skittles package.