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In 1848 Walter Hunt developed the Rocket Ball and Volition Repeater. This was a leveraction breechloader with a magazine tube under the barrel. Lewis Jennings was granted a patent for improvements to this rifle. This rifle action was too complicated to manufacture and it was unsuccessful. Horace Smith designed, but never produced a pistol with a similar action and in 1854 he and Daniel Wesson began manufacturing the Smith and Wesson Volcanic Pistol. Oliver Winchester was a successful manufacturer of men's wear who invested in Smith and Wesson and by 1857 he owned a majority of the stock and renamed the company New Haven Arms Company. The Volcanic was not really successful either, but Benjamin Tyler Henry who had been a foreman in the plant that produced the Jennings and also an employee of Smith and Wesson was now working for New Haven. He made improvements to the lever action mechanism and patented the Henry Rifle in 1860. The Henry is usually considered the first Winchester, although the company was not named The Winchester Repeating Arms Company until 1866.
The british invented the idea of sniping, this happened after british troops observerd the way that game keppers used camouflage to track game.

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Q: Who invented Winchester Rifles?
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