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Rober Hooke

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Q: Who invented a prototype of the modern microscope?
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Who designed the prototype for the modern microscope?

Robert Hooke

Who desinged a prototype of the modern microscope?

chuck cleveland norris

When the electron microscope invented?

Ernst Ruska and electrical engineer Max Knoll constructed the prototype electron microscope in 1931

What did Charles Baggage invent?

Charles BABBAGE invented a prototype of the modern computer.

Who invented the first modern microscope?

Ernst abbe

Who invented the modern compound microscope?

The first compound microscope showed up around the 1500s in the Netherlands. It was probably invented by Hans Lippershey to Zacharias Janssen.

Who invented the modern Computer Mouse?

Douglas Englebart is the inventor of the computer mouse. He invented the first prototype in the 1960s with the assistance of Bill English.

When was the snowmobile invented by minnesotans?

The snowmobile was not invented in Minnesota. Carl Eliason (Sayner, Wisconsin) is credited with developing the first prototype of the modern snowmobile in 1924.

Why is Sir Francis Bacon sometimes referred to as The Father of Modern Science?

He invented the microscope

Who invented ir microscope?

Who invented the microscope

Who invented the microscope slide?

Galileo Galelei invented the microscope,

Who invented the modern microscope?

Anthony van Leeuwenhoek is credited with developing the modern microscope, but it could not be said that he invented the first microscope. He improved upon previous inventions by increasing magnification by up to 270 times the size of the sample being studied, using a single lens. The invention of the precursors to the modern microscope is credited to Dutch eyeglass makers Hans Lippershey and Zacharias Janssen, who each - independently - had input into using glass and lenses to increase magnification.