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Who invented ambulances?

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Baron Larrey, Napoleon's personal doctor

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When were ambulances invented?

i think they were invented in the year 1772

Are ambulances bullet proof?

Ambulances are not bullet proof.

Does the red cross have ambulances?

No, the American Red Cross doesn't have ambulances.

Where can one find more information about ambulances?

Encyclopedia has an article that gives facts and information about ambulances. Wikipedia also has an extensive article about the history of ambulances.

Where there ambulances in the Civil War?

Was there ambulances in the civil war? why of corse there was in wa a wonderful wagon.

What are the beds in ambulances called?

The beds in ambulances are known as gurneys; but they can also be called stretchers.

What is the collective noun for ambulances?

The collective noun 'fleet' is used for groups of vehicles: a fleet of ambulances.

Why don't ambulances have shock absorbers?

Most do. However, the frame on which most ambulances are built are not custom-designed for ambulances and the suspension is not good enough to absorb all the bumps during a high-speed drive.

How many ambulances in the US?

a lot

What are the machines that doctors use?


Were there ambulances during World War I?

im pretty sure that there used to be feild ambulances durin world war 1 but not 100 percent...

What are the release dates for Great Cars - 2003 Ambulances?

Great Cars - 2003 Ambulances was released on: USA: 23 May 2005

What is the difference between type II and type III ambulances?

There are actually 4 types of ambulances. Type I are built on the chassis of a regular truck, like an F-350 or a Chevy silverado. A type II has no box like what regular ambulances do, so you would see a regular Dodge Sprinter with lights and a logo. Type III is build on the chassis of a van, like a Ford E-350 or a Chevy Savannah. And finally, Medium duty ambulances are huge ambulances.

What is the plural of ambulance?

The plural of ambulance is ambulances.

How many ambulances in US?

a whole lot!!

Was there ambulances in the American Civil War?


How did they send ambulances to accidents before ict?

they didnt

What are the bed things in ambulances?

They are called gurney or stretcher.

How do doctors for the community in the outback?

they don't they have air ambulances

How many ambulances did barnsley have in 1987?

i think it was 12

What are the uses of lateral inversion?

In plane mirror and in ambulances.

What is a group of ambulances called?

A fleet

When were the ambulances first used in the United States?

Horse drawn ambulances were first used in the Civil war 1860's, under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Letterman.

Do most insurances cover the cost of air ambulances?

Costs of air ambulances are covered, at least in part by insurers. Some insures may cover full costs also.

How do ambulances help in a natural disaster?

Sometimes they cant... but if the natural disaster wasn't too bad, then they can help. Also, ambulances come from places where Natural disasters didn't happen.

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