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Two trumpets were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. They are made of bronze or copper with gold overlay and date to 1323 BC.

As these would be classed as a brass instrument, brass instruments must date from at least this period. However, who invented them is lost in ancient history.

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When where brass instruments invented?

brass instrument were invented in the early 1400's

What country invented the brass instrument?

for instruments actually made from brass ancient Rome

When was brass invented?

Do you mean the metal, brass, or the kinds of musical instruments called brass? The first metal alloy that was a kind of brass was probably invented about 5000 years ago. We don't have any way of knowing an exact year. For brass musical instruments, the early Romans and Greeks had musical instruments made of brass, more than 2000 years ago. Again, we don't have any way to know an exact year.

Why are brass instruments called brass instruments?

Because they're made of brass.

Are brass instruments loud?

Yes, brass instruments are loud

Were there any instruments invented as a result of the French Horn?

Every other brass instrument

Are the flute the oboe and the clarinet all brass instruments?

They are not brass instruments. They are woodwind instruments.

Do brass instruments all have reeds?

Brass instruments do not have reeds, some woodwind instruments do.

Do all brass instruments have reeds?

No, brass instruments do not use reeds.

What brass instruments can do the highest pitch of all brass instruments?


What do brass instruments have?

brass instruments are made out of metal and the have reeds and most of them have valves

Do Brass instruments have a reed in the mouthpiece?

No, brass instruments have a cup-shaped mouthpiece.

What are most instruments made of?

Brass instruments are made from brass, woodwinds wood besides the brass saxophone. Woot.

Which instrument is not part of the brass family?

All the instruments that are percussion instruments, string instruments, and woodwind instruments are not part of the brass family.

What is the tuba made out of?

The tuba is traditionally made out of brass all like the other brass instruments. All brass instruments are made out of brass.

Why are brass instruments called brass?

because they are made of brass

What things are made out of brass?

brass instruments

What are the instruments tubas made from?


What did saxophone originate and made out of?

It was invented in the mid 19th century in Germany, where it was made of brass to provide a link between woodwind and brass instruments in military bands.

What instruments do you blow?

Woodwind and brass instruments

What are brass instruments?

A brass instrument is a musical instrument, producing sound by vibration of air created by the player's lips. All brass instruments are not made out of brass.

What does a trombone have which other brass instruments don't have?

A trombone has a slide, which other brass instruments lack.

Brass band What is the difference in silver bands?

In a brass band the instruments are brass (goldish) and in a silver the instruments are silver, but not always as people may not like silver instruments like ME !

How are brass instruments made?

With brass metal molded

Where are brass instruments made from?

Brass instruments are, as the name suggests, made out of brass. They are then either lacquered, or silver plated, depending on the player's preferences.

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