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Samuel Guthrie in 1831. James Young Simpson first used chloroform during childbirth.

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Who invented Chloroform and when?

Chloroform was invented by Samuel Guthrie in 1831.

What was invented first ether or chloroform?


When was Chloroform invented?

1847 November

When did queen Victoria use chloroform to give birth to her eighth child?

She gave birth to her eight child in 1853. She used chloroform as an anaesthetic. John Snow (who invented the chloroform inhaler which regulated the dosage of chloroform in 1848) gave her the chloroform, but used an open-drop method rather than the inhaler that he had invented.

Who invented the chloroform?

Samuel Guthrie in 1831.

Who invented chloroform as anaesthetic?

It used in the past. it used as anesthetic in the past.

What is the solubility of benzoic acid in chloroform?

it is soluble in chloroform. Chloroform is nonpolar.

Is chloroform ionic?

No, chloroform is covalent.

What is the formula of chloroform?

what is the formula of chloroform

What is a bottle of chloroform?

It is a bottle that contains chloroform.

Is chloroform a solvent?

Chloroform is a organic solvent.

Is chloroform non electrolyte?

Chloroform is a nonelectrolyte.

Sodium chloride plus chloroform?

Sodium chloride doesn't react with chloroform and is not soluble in chloroform.

Is chloroform spirit a denatured spirit?

Chloroform spirit is 5% chloroform with 95% ethanol mixed together.

Chloroform can be broken down by chemical means buy not by physical methods thus chloroform is?

Chloroform is a molecule.

How did Casey Anthony purchase chloroform?

No evidence has been provided by the prosecution that she did purchase chloroform. They have shown that she researched chloroform on the computer and evidence that chloroform residue was present in her car. The information that she looked up on the computer was how to make chloroform.

What is density of chloroform?

the density of chloroform is 1.48g/ml.

Is sodium chloride soluble in chloroform?

insoluble in chloroform

Give the formula for chloroform?

The molecular formula for chloroform is CHCl3.

What are the side effects of chloroform?

whats are the side effect of chloroform

Is chloroform soluble in ethanol?

Chloroform is considerably soluble in ethanol.

How can you make chloroform for surgery?

Chloroform is no longer used for Surgery

Is chloroform polar molecule?

Yes. chloroform is polar molecule

What acid use in chloroform?

Chloroform is not a acid. It is a polar compound.

Is chloroform an element a compound or a mixture?

Chloroform CHCl3 is a compound.