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Who invented iPhone?


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Apple, mostly, but the iPhone is a global effort. Tens of thousands of people at more than 30 companies on 3 continents work together to make Apple's first phone possible. Apple, of course, designs the product, and also created the single most important 'component' - the software that gives the iPhone its unique personality.


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The iPhone was invented on June 29, 2007.

the first iphone was invented in 2007

Apple invented the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone was invented by Apple Corporation.

iPhone was not invented. It was developed by Apple company and it is a developed version of iPhone.

The iPhone was invented by Apple at California in June 2007

Apple. They are the ones who invented the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S was invented in California by Apple

The Apple Corporation invented the iPhone.Jonathan Ive, head of design at Apple, invented the iPhone 4.Who invented the iPhone? More than person did so. One of them is Charles J. Pisula.

the iphone was literally, invented in 2007 in the 1st generation

who invented the iphone from apple?

I think around 2007 he invented the first iphone.

The iPhone was invented by Apple Inc.

Well it was Steve Jobs the invented the iPhone.

it was invented December 25th ,1969

It was invented on September 2011

The I-phone was invented in 2007The I-phone was invented in 2007

The iPhone was invented to fill a niche market that resulted from aggressive marketing on the part of the Apple Corporation.

The date the iPhone was invented is June 29 2007 But the first iPod was invented in 1979 but came out to the public in 2007!

The iPhone was released to the public in 2007 and it was created by Apple.

by godType your answer here...

apple inc made the first iPhone...

All the iPhones are created and invented by Apple....'iPhone' is the brandname and the copyright of other company makes it...

The IPhone 3G was invented in the year 2010!

The iPhone 3g (best devise ever created) was started being invented on December 14th and was finished in April.

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