Who invented jeans or pants?

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Levi Strauss made pants or jeans
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Q: Who invented jeans or pants?
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Related questions

When was the first pair of pants was invented?

The first pair of jeans that were invented were the blue jeans

When were boot cut jeans invented?

boot cut jeans were made for when you want your pants to go over your boots

Who invented sturdy canvas pants that eventually were called jeans?

Levi Strauss

What were blue jeans called when they were first invented?

The "pants of Levi's" came to be called simply "Levi's" and eventually, blue jeans.

Are jeans elastic or inelastic?

Jeans are elastic since you can substitute jeans with track pants or other pants.

Why was the jean invented?

Jeans were invented because workers, usually in construction, needed a good pair of pants that will hold up, not tear, and not wear out so often. So, jeans were invented, but mainly for construction and labor and working purposes.

Who invented jeans in the 18 hundreds?

Levi Strauss invented Jeans in San Francisco. Regular trousers wore out too fast so he took sail cloth from Genoa, Italy, and made pants from it.

Are jeans pants?

Yes, they are, if they are used to cover your legs. Jeans are technically denim pants held together with metal studs. In Layman's terms: Yes, jeans are pants.

What are types of pants called?

Easy there called.....baggy pants,skinny jeans,jeans,sweat pants and more at what type of

What did Levi Strauss do?

He started a jeans companyLevi Strauss is the man that invented the blue jeans. He was a merchant who worked in the clothing industry with his brother.

How are jeans invented?

Jeans Are Invented By A Person

What are denim pants?


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