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Who invented lotto scratch cards?

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What are some of the games offered by the UK National Lotto?

Let's see, this type of Lotto offers Lotto Hotpicks, Lotto Thunderball, Lotto Plus 5, EuroMillions, The Scratch Off Cards, Lotto Extra, the Dream Number, and The Daily Play.

Do you get anything for 3 numbers on the Irish lotto?

from a 1€ scratch in lotto plus 1 in lotto plus 2 yuo get a 3€ scratch card and in the main draw you get 5€

What does twv on an Indiana scratch off lotto ticket mean?

twenty five

What is the stuff you scratch off lotto tickets?

It's usually made out of latex.

What does fhw on an Indiana scratch off lotto ticket mean?

It means you lose

Who invented lotto?

Casanova de Milan

What does it mean when you dream of credit cards?

you should play lotto

Can you use scratch tickets in Arkansas?

A law was just passed about last week approving the lotto in Arkansas.

How old do you have to be for scratch cards in the UK?


How do you use Cafe World lotto tickets?

To use a Cafe World lotto ticket, simply click on one of the three scratch off locations on the card to see what you've won. NOTE: You can only get cards by getting them through a friend by: 1.) getting them from a wall post after they've leveled up or 2.) gifting them in the "Free Gifts" tab

Who discovered scratch music and its affects on rap?

who was the person who invented scratch music

How do you see through scratch cards?

x ray

Who invented game cards?

Ferninad Magellan invented game cards! It's true!

Can you be a million dollar winner?

...there is always such things as the lottery or scratch-cards...

Who is the woman in the California lottery scratch off commercial?

Thanks for nothing. Question was "who is the actress in the lotto commercial" it's a simple question but you were unable to answer.

Who invented the scratch and smell menu?

Jamws Palate

Who invented the Scratch Record?

Grand Wizard Theodore

What percentage do you have of winning top prize on a scratch card?

There are loads of scratch cards across the world and the winning probabilities are all different.

Where can you buy Match Attex cards in nz?

the lotto dairy near pt chev community centre in auckland

Who invented scrach tickets?

John Koza invented the first scratch ticket. First, he took foil and melted it to make it easy to scratch off. Then, he taped on a piece of paper.

Why were playing cards invented?

playing cards were invented because people were getting bored at that time cause no technology

When were memory cards invented?

it was invented in 300 bc it was invented in 300 bc

What is a Poptropica PIN off a Poptropica scratch off ticket?

On scratch-off tickets and gift cards, the PIN number is usually on the back and identifies each card, and some cards also use scanned barcodes to identify them.

What is the plural for lotto?


Why were Pokemon cards invented?

For fun