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The Chinese invented mind control during the Maoist regime.

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Q: Who invented mind control?
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What if religion was the earliest form of mind control invented?

Then we are all screwed.

Do you control your mind or does your mind control you?

Both, because you need to control your mind in order for it to control you

Why you cant control your mind?

You can control your mind because it is your mind you are the one who has control over your body and what you put in it. The mind is amazing in a human being and you obviously can control it

What is dermatrol?

It is the machine I invented and stands for dermatological control. It operates with the principal in mind that an outside device can provide control of dermal and sub dermal tissues during and after trauma.

Can your bank teller control your mind?

No, your bank teller cannot control your mind. Nobody can control your mind.

When was mind invented?

Mind was not invented it evolved over a extended period of time

What do you call when you can control someones mind?

You would call it "mind control".

Can a six year old control your mind?

As far as I know, no human - whether that human is a six-year-old or otherwise - can control somebody else's mind.

Does the afterlife has the power to control the imagination of the mind?

Nothing has the power to control your mind. You are in control of your imagination, nothing else.

How do you control my mind?

Through proper planning and use of effective wording i can control your mind.

Is mind control illegal in Canada?

Yes, mind control is against the laws of Canada.

What are the release dates for Mind Control - 1995?

Mind Control - 1995 was released on: USA: 1995