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Who invented soap?

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A french chemist named Michel Eugene Chevreul invented soap. He made an earlier form of it out of pig fat, salt, and oil. :)

I think the Egyptians, around 2,500 wqe. You have probably gotten many answers just like this. Hope I am a little helpful!

One of the first recordings of a soap like substance was in Babylon and a text from 2200BC was found that detailed the making of soap from the same area.

The Ebers papyrus that dates from 1550BC details the use of soap in preparing wool for weaving.
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Who invented the Ivory Soap?

James N. Gamble invented the ivory soap

Who invented liquid soap?

Justin Bieber invented Liquid Soap in 2010 Bc.

Who invented soft soap?

William Sheppard of New York invented the soft soap....

Who invented the soap dispenser?

The soap dispenser was invited by Mr. Soap

Who invented soap bubbles?

Probably the same person who invented soap, and right after he used it for the first time.

Where was soap invented?


When was hand soap invented?

liquid hand soap was made in 1865

Who invented Lava Soap?

The Waltke Company invented Lava soap in 1893. See the attached link for more information.

When was Dove Soap invented?


Why the soap is invented?

to wash out the germs

What year was soap invented?


When was dish soap invented?


Why did people invent soap?

poele invented soap beause they neeed to be clean

Was there soap in the Medieval Times?

no soap was not invented yet! actually it was it was made of pig lard

When the liquid soap invented?

liquid soap was first patented in 1865 by William Shepphard

What is the first invented whitening soap?

Whitening soap has sodium hydroxide in it, this molecule has been common in soap for several millennium.

Who invented bathing soap?

Nicolas Leblanc

When was All laundry soap invented?


Where was dish soap invented?

New York

What year were soap bubbles invented?

in 1968

Who invented liquid soap and why?

New York City resident, William Sheppard, was the first person to get liquid soap patented. It was patented on August 22, 1865. Unfortunately, I do not know why he invented liquid soap.

When was antibacterial soap invented?

Antibacterial soap was patented on December 25, 1984. It was invented by 2 men called David Poshi and Peter Divone.

Who invented the liquid soap?

William Shepphard did!! He invented it on August 22nd 1865

Who invented lotions and soap?

george w carver

When was the Dove soap company invented?

thank you for the help