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Who invented the Gameboy?


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gameboy was invented by a boy who plays gamesthe gameboy was really invented by Gunpei Yokoi! Gunpei Yokoi worked for Nintendo and is a Japanese game designer
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Sharp invented the Gameboy

Japanese game designer Gunpei Yokoi was the inventor of the Gameboy. He invented the gameboy because he was tired of masturbating to magazines so instead he created the gameboy to masturbate to mario and luigi instead!

The Gameboy was made by Genpei Yokoi

so kids and children could have fun

Game boy Color was invented in 1998 in Japan. If you have one, you can look on the back on the label and it has the year it was invented.

N64 PS1 Dreamcast PS2 Gameboy advanced , gameboy color, gameboy advanced sp, gameboy micro, nds, nds lite, ndsi, Gamecube, xbox, xbow 360, ps3, wii, psp and tons more

Gameboy (Classic), Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Micro. There are also accessories for the Gameboy like the Gameboy Camera and Gameboy Printer.

Nintendo, the first handheld console was the Game & Watch, not the Gameboy.

Original Gameboy: 1989 Gameboy Pocket:1996 Gameboy Color:1998

No, you can only connect gameboy advance or gameboy micro to an sp.

gameboy sp, gameboy advance, gameboy color, gameboy, gameboy mini, and Nintendo DS can play gameboy games.

Yes, a gameboy advance can be used to play both gameboy and gameboy color games.

nope the original Gameboy is just called the 'Gameboy' then it developed to the Gameboy colour, to the Gameboy micro, then the Gameboy SD

No, Pokémon Yellow is only for the original Gameboy however it can be played on the Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Advanced SP and the Nintendo GameCube's Gameboy Player.

Yes, Gameboy was the original portable gaming device, followed by the Gameboy Color, then the Gameboy Pocket Edition. The final device in the Gameboy series was the Gameboy Advance.

Pokemon Crystal can be played on the Gameboy Color, the Gameboy Advanced and the Gameboy Advanced SP. Pokemon Crystal cannot be played on the original Gameboy and Gameboy Pocket.

Gameboy advance, yes. Gameboy DS, no.

Gameboy Advance, the next version after the Gameboy Color, and the last Gameboy made.

If you mean actual 'Gameboy' games, then no. It cannot play games from the original Gameboy, nor the Gameboy Color.

No. You can only play them on Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP. Oh, and the PC if you have an emulator. Also porn.

Yes, because a Gameboy Advance SP plays Gameboy Advance games:Only GameBoy Advanced (GBA) games will work on a Nintendo DS.Original GameBoy, Super GameBoy, GameBoy Pocket or GameBoy Colour games will NOT work on a Nintendo DS.

No. I've seen a gameboy colour game case. If says gameboy advance, you play it on gameboy advance. If it says gameboy colour, you play it on gameboy colour.Actually a gameboy color can play games from the original gameboy, and they look way better in my opinion

Yes. As the name of the hardware suggests, all gameboy games (gameboy, gameboy color and gameboy advance) can be played on the gameboy player.

Yes. It can also play gameboy color games as far as I know. That is, at least on the earliest model of the gameboy advance.

It allows the user to play gameboy games on a platform that is not a gameboy. For example, if I have a gameboy emulator for my PC, I can play gameboy games on my PC.

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