Who invented the Hacky Sack?

While the pastime of kicking objects from person to person has been around for, as long as human history can remember, the Hacky Sack was invented only in 1972.

When John Stalberger met Mike Marshall, who was, at that time, just kicking around an old beanbag, Stalberger had the bright idea that perhaps kicking around a bag like that might be therapeutic for his bum knee.

They originally named their beanbag-bouncing game Hack the Sack, and created the rule in which the beanbag had to be kicked back and forth without touching the ground. After they realized what incredible consumer potential this game had, they trademarked the name "Hacky Sack" and headed forward with plans to market and mass produce the bags and popularize the game.

Sadly, Mike Marshall died only three years after their initial meeting, at the age of 28, of a heart attack. But John Stalberger continued with his passion for the sport and formed the National Hacky Sack Association.

In 1983, Wham-o Manufacturing Company bought the rights to the Hacky Sack, and after that, mass marketing and national exposure helped the sport explode into the mainstream.