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Q: Who invented the angle toothbrush?
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When was toothbrushes invented?

toothbrush was invented in the year 1939

Who invented the toothbrush and when did he or she invent it?


Where was the toothbrush invented?


Did the Chinese invent the toothbrush?

The Chinese did invent the toothbrush. They invented it in the 15th century.

Which country invented toothbrush first?

France was the first country to invent the toothbrush.

What dynasty was the toothbbursh invented in?

the toothbrush was invented in the Ming dynasty

Did Zheng He make the toothbrush?

Wrong . It was invented in ancient China. The modern toothbrush was made in 1770.

What did William edward addis?

he invented the toothbrush.

When was the first nylon toothbrush invented?


Did a young inventor invent a musical toothbrush?

yes.kenneth anderson ivented a musical toothbrush in1789.he was 11 years old when he invented a musical toothbrush.

Where toothbrush invented in the world war 2?

No in nam

Who invented the right angle?

but head invented the right angle