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Horton Automatics/ Dee hortohn and Lee Hewitt in 1954

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Q: Who invented the automatic doors?
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When was automatic doors invented?

when poop was invented.

Are there automatic doors in Europe?

Yes of course. There are automatic doors around the world.

Should inspectors test automatic garage doors for automatic reverseleaksautomatic transmission automatic retreival and storage?

inspectors should test automatic garage doors for? inspectors should test automatic garage doors for?

What is a kids sentence for automatic?

Most kids only know about automatic washing machines because they never saw a wringer washing machine. The automatic doors opened as I approached the store. I was hit because the automatic doors closed when I was walking through the doors. When I was walking through the doors, the automatic doors hit me.

Inspectors should test automatic garage doors for?

inspectors should test automatic garage doors for? automatic reverse

Why did alexander make the automatic d=elavator door?

I would assume he invented the automatic door for elevators to eliminate the safety issues caused by accidentally forgetting to manually close the doors. If an elevator worker forgot to fully close the doors prior to automatic doors, the elevator shaft would be exposed and people woud fall down the shaft thinking they were stepping into the elevator.

Where can one purchase automatic garage doors?

One can purchase automatic garage doors online. Some of the useful websites for purchase of automatic garage doors are Home Depot, Overhead Door and Sam's Club.

Where can one purchase automatic roll up garage doors for a home?

Automatic roll up garage doors can be purchased at some hardware stores. Some of these stores are Sears, Overhead Doors, AGW Doors, and The Home Depot.

Who invented the Automatic Air Brake?

The automatic Air Brake was invented by Granville Woods

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Eric Chester invented the automatic loom he is a great man

When were doors invented?


When was the automatic air brake invented?

George Westinghouse invented the automatic air brake in 1869

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