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Horton Automatics/ Dee hortohn and Lee Hewitt in 1954

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Q: Who invented the automatic doors?
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When was automatic doors invented?

when poop was invented.

Are there automatic doors in Europe?

Yes of course. There are automatic doors around the world.

Should inspectors test automatic garage doors for automatic reverseleaksautomatic transmission automatic retreival and storage?

inspectors should test automatic garage doors for? inspectors should test automatic garage doors for?

What is a kids sentence for automatic?

Most kids only know about automatic washing machines because they never saw a wringer washing machine. The automatic doors opened as I approached the store. I was hit because the automatic doors closed when I was walking through the doors. When I was walking through the doors, the automatic doors hit me.

Inspectors should test automatic garage doors for?

inspectors should test automatic garage doors for? automatic reverse

Why did alexander make the automatic d=elavator door?

I would assume he invented the automatic door for elevators to eliminate the safety issues caused by accidentally forgetting to manually close the doors. If an elevator worker forgot to fully close the doors prior to automatic doors, the elevator shaft would be exposed and people woud fall down the shaft thinking they were stepping into the elevator.

Who invented the automatic loom?

Eric Chester invented the automatic loom he is a great man

Who invented the Automatic Air Brake?

The automatic Air Brake was invented by Granville Woods

What dog dimensions does an automatic dog door support?

There is no set dog dimensions that an automatic dog door will support. This is because automatic dog doors are available in many different sizes, from small to large doors.

When was the automatic air brake invented?

George Westinghouse invented the automatic air brake in 1869

When were doors invented?


Who invented the automatic player piano?

The automatic player piano was invented by Heneri Fourneaux in the year 1863. =]

What is the fear of pants?

I'm not quite sure. If you look on a good phobia list site you'll probally find it. If anyone knows what 'the fear of automatic doors' please tell me. (automatic meaning- elevator doors, and grocery store doors)

Why does my automatic doors only unlock but not lock?

they do lock, idiot

Why are automatic doors important?

Automatic doors are important because they give people with handicaps an easier access to their everyday places, as well as make life that much easier for everyday people.

Who invented the automatic car wash?

Richad SpikesThe person who invented the first automatic car wash is not known

Who invented doors?

Payton Borella

When were fire doors invented?


7 How do the automatic doors at a supermarket know when to open and close?

The doors have a black thing at the top of them. Inside that thing is a sencer and when you walk in to the sencer the doors open.

When was the first automatic transmission invented?

the first automatic transmission was invented by Louis-Rene Panhard and Emile Levassor in 1894

When was the automatic lubricator invented?


When was the automatic telegraph was invented?


Who invented the automatic gearshift?

The automatic transmission, or gearbox, was invented by Oscar Banker. General Motors was the first company to offer it on vehicles.

When was the automatic soap dispenser invented?

The automatic soap dispenser is one of the most popular automatic bathroom products. It was invented in the late 1980s by Guey Chaun-Shiau, and patented in 1991.

What year was the automatic rifle invented?

The first automatic rifle was invented in 1884. It was invented by Manuel Mondragon. The rifle was known as the Mondragon rifle later to be known as the M-1908.