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King Camp gillette King Camp gillette King Camp gillette

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Q: Who invented the disposable razor blade?
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What was the first disposable product?

It was toilet paper invented, i think, for a Chinese emperor. If toilet paper doesn't count as disposable then it was the disposable razor blade.

Will an electric razor give me a closer shave on my legs than a regular razor does?

A disposable razor with 3-4 blades can give you the closest shave possible because after a few uses the blade on an electric razor becomes dull.

Who was hispanic that invented the safety razor in 1911?

Alfonso Alvarez Blade

Is the Art Of Shaving 3 Blade Razor - Mach3 Classic Black & Nickel-Plated razor good for a teenager just starting to shave?

While the Art Of Shaving 3 Blade Razor - Mach3 Classic Black & Nickel-Plated razor is an elegant and durable razor which can accept heads from popular brands of disposable razors the retail price of this package is rather steep. For a teenager just starting to shave a modest disposable razor package will provide a better value for your money.

How do you pop a blade out of a razor?

It depends on how cheap they are. If they are the disposable ones then it will be easier. what you do is you pop the shorter sides off and from there it should be easy to just dismantle the rest of the razor. (ps, if you are a cutter- happy cutting ;))

What did disposable razor blades replace?

The straight razor.

Why do razorblades live near iceland in nelson?

razor blade razor blade razor blade bumhole seal

When was Razor Blade created?

Razor Blade was created in 1923.

Alfonso alvarez invented the burglar alarm in 1911?

Yes, Alfonso Alvarez Blade is the one who invented the burglar alarm in 1911. Blade also holds the patent for the safety razor.

What is another word for razor blade?

What is another word for razor blade?

What do these items have in common razor lawn mower rollerblade?

A Razor, a lawn mower, and a rollerblade all include a blade. A razor has a blade. A lawnmower has a blade A rollerblade has no actual blade but it has the word blade in its name.

Who invented razor blade?

If you mean the disposable razor blade, it was patented by King Camp Gillette. His idea was the first of the "loss leader" model which is still in use today. The idea is to have a popular idea, provide the base product at a loss...but provide the replacement item for the product at a huge profit. This idea is prevalent with many products today such as razors (of course), hair appliances, and the Barbie doll. See the related links.