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Who invented the fire extinguisher?


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March 10, 2014 9:26AM

Records show that Ambrose Godfrey patented a fire extinguisher in England in 1723 and that George William Manby invented the "modern" extinguisher in 1818.

One could also argue that a bucket full of water or sand is also a "fire extinguisher" and was invented about the time people started living in houses.

There are some who incorrectly believe that Thomas "T.J." Marshall invented the fire extinguisher in 1872. Others say, "Ochoa L.C Bailey July 18,1899". See the related questions about Thomas J. Martin for more about 1872.

(Martin's patent is titled "Fire Extinguisher", but describes an improvement to a system of pipes installed inside a building, like a sprinkler system, nothing like a portable "fire extinguisher" of today.)