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Q: Who invented the first ATM card?
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What year were ATM cards invented?

ATM cards were invented in 1966. From then until the mid-1990s, they were commonly called Money Access Center (MAC) cards. Another name for the ATM card is "debit card."

Who invented ATM card?

There isn't one single inventor of the debit card.

Which bank used 1st ATM card?

The ATM machine was invented by a British man - John Shepherd-Barron. The first ATM was introduced in June 1967 at Barclays Bank in Enfield, UK

Which bank issued first ATM card in India?

The Bank of India was issued the first ATM-Card in India.

How you use ATM card first time?

First of all when any one can use ATM card put the card in ATM machine select the language and amount ................a few minutes get money and receipt..................

Who invented the ATM in 1969?

Don Wetzel is the person who invented the ATM in 1969. His invention was the first successful automatic teller machine.

Where was first ATM invented and which year in which bank?

The first ATM (automated teller machine) was invented by John Sheppard-Barron and introduced by Barclay's bank in Enfield in 1967.

Who bank issue first ATM card?

There are about 5 banks in the Europe and the USA that can claim this as the first machines all sprung up about the same time in 1969According to a Wikipedia article on the ATM card, "The first ATM cards were issued in 1967 by Barclays in London.".

What year was the first atm invented?

late 1930's

How do you get ATM Card in duplicate from SBI?

first you have to block the ATM card by calling to sbi tollfree number after blocked the ATM they will provide you a no that is called token number with that number you have to visit your home branch and apply for duplicate ATM card penality for duplicate ATM is Rs.200/- B.Anil kumar Dy.MAnager SBI

What to do first when ATM card was did not get inside machine?

You need to be sure first that you are entering the card in a right way. secondly if the problem still persists it means there is any kind of problem with the ATM machine. Try any other ATM point.

What can you do if you forgot your atm card no?

just see on the atm card.... you will get it.