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The first computer was invented by a man named Charles Babbage in 1837.
Konrad Zuse made the Z1 computer which was the first freely programmable computer.

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Q: Who invented the first PC?
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When was first PC modem invented?

when was the first PC modem invented

When was the first PC invented?

It was invented by 'Shloke Ghenghat'.

Who invented PC?

Pc was invented by bill gates

Where and when was the PC invented?

The PC was invented in a garage in California.

Who invented the PC and in what year?

The first electronic computer was invented in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania. It is called ENIAC.

Who invented tablet PC's?

i think that mike swik was the one who invented the first tablet pc in 1980s

Who invented the first PC modem and when?

The first PC modem (the 80-103A) was invented by Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington in 1977. The 80-103A modem boards were installed on the Apple II computer.

Who invented the PC?

the person that invented the PC was in fact Misha Shatokhin.

When was the first personal computer invented?

The first PC was invented in 1971 by MITS. (This research was done completely by me) (Ask the other guy and he'll say "i think it was invented in 1992")

Who invented the first PC modem?

Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington in 1977.

When was the first computer mouse invented?

The earliest mouse was invented in 1946 by the British but was a military device kept secret. The first personnel computer (PC) mouse was invented in 1982 by Microsoft.

Why was the PC invented?

cause it was

Who invented the first PC for msdos?

It was really the other way around; MS-DOS was developed to match the specifications written by IBM for the first IBM PC. The team that developed the PC was headed by Philip Don Estridge, known as Don Estridge.

Dennis c Hayes invented what?

he had invented to PC modem

Who invented the PC computer?

The Personal Computer (PC) was invented by Steve Wozniak. The computer platform widely referred to as 'the PC' was created by the International Business Machines (IBM) corporation.

When was the PC computer invented?


What year was the PC invented?

1981 :)

When was the Asus computer invented?

It wasn't invented, it is a modified copy of the IBM PC.

When was the basic PC keyboard invented?

The basic keyboard was invented during 1954.

Who invented windows on the PC?

Microsoft Windows was invented by Bill Gates. In 1983 Microsoft announced the first graphical user interface operating system. The product was distributed in 1984.

Who invented the PC keyboard?

James- Well

Who Invented PC Notebook?

whahhaha.... its TRUE....

When was the first PC made?

The first PC made was in 1223.

When was the monitor invented?

The PC monitor, was developed from the CRT tube. It was first used in computing by the EDSAC, which also used it to store data.

Who invented the tablet PC?

Mike Swik the third