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The first computer was invented in 1946

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Q: Who invented the first modern computer during world war 2?
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Where was the first computer modern computer invented?


When was the first modern computer invented?

The very first modern computer (and alot more computers - lots of different types) were invented around 1822 and were very popular.

Was the first computer invented in 1980?

no, the first analog computer was invented over 2000 years ago.the first digital computer was invented in the 1830s.modern digital computers were invented during WW2.

What year was the first computer invented?

The very first computer was the Abacus, invented in 3,000 B.C. For a history of the modern computer, use Google Search and type in Computer History.

Is Alan Turing invented first modern computer?

No, it was Konrad Zuse

Who is considering the inventor of the modern computer?

kanord zuse invented hthe first computer you ever used.

Who invented the modern Computer Mouse?

Douglas Englebart is the inventor of the computer mouse. He invented the first prototype in the 1960s with the assistance of Bill English.

When were modern computers invented?

During WW2, but the first was not built until 1948.

When did the computer begin?

The world's first electronic computer was the Colossus computer, invented by Tommy Flowers during WW2. The earliest computer (it was mechanical) was invented by Charles Babbage in the 1800s.

What university invented the first computer?

the first inventor of the computer was the united states government during ww2 it was not done by a university.Additional answerActually it was Englishman Charles Babbage 1792-1871. He called his device a difference engine. It bore as much relationship to a modern computer as the Wright Brothers' aeroplane did to a modern jet fighter.

When the first computer was invented not a calculating device and who invented it?

first computer was invented by Chals Babeje. It invented in 1938

What year was the first regular computer invented?

the first computer was invented in 1957

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