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Who invented the lift?

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Who invented the hydraulic lift?

The hydraulic lift was invented by Leon Edoux.

Who invented elevator-lift?

Elisha Otis

Who first invented lift?

If we are talking about aircraft lift, it was likely discovered, not invented. You can discover Gold, you don't invent it...

What did elisha graves Otis invented?

The elevator ('lift' in the UK). He did not invent the elevator(lift). He invented the elevator brake system.

When was the gondola lift invented?

The Gondola lift was invented in the twentieth century. It is one of the commonly used lifts in many countries across the world.

Who invented the ski lift?

Jim Curran

Who was the person that invented the chair lift?

The chair Lift was invented by a Union Pacific railroad engineer by the name of James Curran. In 1936 the first chair lift was installed at the Sun Valley Ski Resort.

When was the passenger lift invented?

In 1884 by Elisha Otis.

Who invented the first scissor lift?

John Parker

Who invented the scissors lift?

John W. Parker

When was the ski lift invented?

The first purpose built ski lift was built in 1908 in Schwarzwald in Germany.

What are some mechanisms that can be invented to lift a load of 200 grams?

If they haven't been invented then they don't have a name.

Who invented lift?

The Roman scientist and inventor, Archimedes, was one of the first to invent the lift in 236 BC. His machine was for lifting heavy stones used for building. The modern lift was invented by Elisha Otis in the mid 1800's. Others had tried to design a lift, but failed because of the lack of brakes. Elisha Otis designed a safe braking system for the lift.

When and where was the passenger lift invented?

In 1852 by Elisha Otis in New York.

When was the first scooter lift invented?

The first recognized scooter lift was invented in the middle of the 1990's by Thomas Kruse. Founder of the company Hoveround, Kruse also popularized the motorized scooter on the American market.

Who invented hydraulic scissor lift?

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Who invent hydraulic lift?

proffesser sahil shah is invented the hydraulic lfit

How has the revolving bridge changed since it was invented?

became lift instead of swing

Why was the windmill invented?

The earliest windmills were invented in the ninth century AD in the Middle East and were used to grind grain or to lift water.

For what invention did Lincoln receive a patent?

He invented a device to lift boats over shoals

When was the windlass invented?

There are descriptions of windlasses (used to lift water from a well) in Spain in the 4th Century. The Chinese invented the differential, or Chinese windlass in 1582.

What was the Order of Good Cheer?

samuel de champlain invented it. iT WAS A CELEBRATION FOR THE CREW TO LIFT THEIR SPIRITS.

Who invented weightlifting?

Nobody invented it, it's just evolved as an idea since we've been able to lift ourselves off the ground with our legs and arms.

Who invented the mechanical lift?

In 1420 Filippo Brunelleschi was building the dome of the Doma in Florence, Italy and to get the building materials up to the highest reaches of the dome he invented a mechanical lift. It was not run by electricity, but mule/horse power, yet, it did have gears, pulleys, and wheels so it was mechanical.

When was the first chairlift invented?

The chair lift was invented by Jim Curran, an engineer at Union Pacific (UP) Railroad in Omaha, Nebraska. The first commercial lift was built in Sun Valley, Idaho, in 1936. UP's motivation was to increase demand for transport to ski resorts, which UP (of course!), would provide.