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The lottery was actually invented in the streets and was classified as "illegal gambling", but then the government saw this as a "cash cow" and created the lottery, scratch off tickets, mega millions, etc..etc.. The lottery was invented in the ghettos of America (mostly new york) and then the government stole it and made "street numbers" illegal.

God created the lottery to be just an fair in the division of land property goods or money! the lottery goes back to the dawn of man!

Lot; One's fortune in life, fate. Something that befalls one because of or as if because of determination by lot!Lot or Lut; In The Bible, Abraham's nephew, whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back as they fled Sodom.Leviticus 16:10, But the goat chosen by lot as the scapegoat shall be presented alive before the LORD to be used for making atonement by sending it into the desert as a scapegoat.In Greece and Rome a bag full of black rocks with one white rock called choosing stones were used!Look up lot or lottery here at ask.com change the wording of your search here and there and you will find references to lottery that go back 6, 7, 8 thousand years!

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Why was the lottery invented?

The lottery was invented to fund public works. Even in the modern days, the main purpose continue to be same as earlier. Curbing illegal gambling is another purpose of modern day lottery.

Who first invented lottery?

The Viet War draft lottery was started under the Nixon administration and commenced in Dec '69.

Who made the lottery?

It depends... Emperor Cheung Leung invented the Chinese lottery. Different people in different civilizations at different times.

What will be the winning numbers for Powerball lottery on Wednesday?

00382492 Advice: this is just an invented number... :)

Will you hit the lottery?

Hitting lottery can not be predicated as lottery is a game of chance. And the chance of winning decrease with every increase in the number of players or/and increase in the numbers of lottery ticket sold. Till date no fool proof method have been invented to hit lottery exactly. However, there are some strategies of playing lottery that will help players to increase their chance of winning by considerable number of times.

What are the states that play Powerball?

Arizona LotteryArkansas LotteryColorado LotteryConnecticut Lottery CorporationD.C. Lottery (District of Columbia)Delaware LotteryFlorida LotteryIdaho LotteryHoosier Lottery (Indiana)Iowa LotteryKansas LotteryKentucky Lottery CorporationLouisiana Lottery CorporationMaine LotteryMinnesota State LotteryMissouri State LotteryMontana LotteryNebraska LotteryNew Hampshire Lottery CommissionNew Mexico LotteryNorth Carolina Education LotteryNorth Dakota LotteryOklahoma LotteryOregon LotteryPennsylvania LotteryRhode Island LotterySouth Carolina Education LotterySouth Dakota LotteryTennessee Education LotteryVirgin Islands LotteryVermont LotteryWisconsin LotteryWest Virginia Lottery

What kind of website is Lottery Post?

The website called Lottery Post is a site dedicated to lottery. It has information regarding lottery results, lottery news and also has a forum where people could discuss lottery.

What is the Chinese lottery called?

Only two types of lottery are legal in China, welfare lottery and sports lottery. For more information on en.starlott.com. en.starlott.com is the first portal website of China lottery, providing China lottery, China national lottery, China Lotto, lottery news, winning numbers, jackpots... PAKAPOO

When was the lottery invented?

The lottery has a long history and is believed to originate from China, 200 BC. Chinese emperors introduced lotteries to raise funds for taxes. Besides, it was the money collected by lotteries raised for building the Great Chinese Wall. The ancient Chinese lottery is said to have become the predecessor of the game known today as Keno.

Who invented the UK national lottery?

My great great second, half, brother in law who's great great grandfathers....son.

What is the Cash and Cars Lottery?

Cash and Cars Lottery is a Canadian lottery. The lottery is a fundraiser to assist with cancer research. Tickets may be purchased by mail. The lottery is sponsored by Black Fund Development.

How do you get lottery stars on howrse?

You have to buy a lottery ticket and get lucky. You can by as many lottery tickets as you want but the price triples for each ticket. 1 lottery ticket is $100 2 lottery tickets is $300 3 lottery tickets is$900 Etc.

Where is the lottery in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The lottery is not in leafgreen.

What is the jackpot lottery numbers?

It depends on what lottery it is \

What was used to determine the winner of The lottery?

Complex lottery mathematics is used to determine the winner of the lottery

Why was radio invented developed?

To let people do other things like music, listen to sports, lottery, and more. After a while, they put it in cars.

Is there any The UK Lottery?

'The National Lottery' is the name of the United Kingdom's lottery. There are no other lottery organisations in the UK - 'The United Kingdom Lottery' is either an incorrect reference to National Lottery, or a fake name used for an email scam.

How is the lottery played in the short story the lottery?

It is played like drawing a name out of a hat kind of lottery.

Meaning of lottery in Arabic?

Lottery in arabic is يانصيب / " لوترية " and lottery ticket in arabic is وَرَقَة يانَصِيب.

What is a good thesis statement for The Lottery if you have to write a 12 paragraph essay on tradition?

A good thesis statement for an essay on the Lottery should include three or four major aspects of the Lottery. The statement should include the origin of the lottery, the purpose, the how to of the lottery and finally the effects of the lottery.

When was the Draft Lottery?

The lottery began in December 1969.

How do you cheat at the lottery?

what are next weeks lottery numbers

When will you hit a lottery?

That depends on what lottery you're talking about.

How do you start a lottery business?

types of lottery busniess

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