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Mind ControlIn the Nexus magazine article entitled "The Microchip and the Mark of the Beast", Dr. Carl Sanders tells about the project which lead to the invention of the microchip which may be the mark of the beast. Sanders became the leader of the project in 1968. They were told the microchip served medical purposes, but they found out later that the real reason for developing it was human identification. The microchip is recharged by body temperature changes. The scary thing is that it "can also be used for migraine headaches, behavior modification, upper/downer, sexual stimulant and sexual depressant", in other words for mind control. He is now concerned the chip will be misused, and he believes it "is going to be the positive identification and mark of the beast." IdentificationOf course, microchips are used for identification of pets (and other animals ). This by a small glass transponder (size as a grain of rise ) injected under the skin of the pet.
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Q: Who invented the microchip for pets?
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When was the microchip invented?

the microchip was invented in 1959 by Jack Kilby.

When was microchip invented?

The microchip was invented by Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby. A microchip is built by layers of a semiconductor material of silicon or germanium

Where was the microchip invented?


When was first microchip invented?


Who made the microchip?

Jack Kilby created the microchip. Robert Noyce had the same idea but he "invented" his microchip half a year later, so Jack Kilby created the microchip.

Who invented the microchip for humans?

The microchip was invented by two people namely Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce. This invention was a key stage in the development of computing.

Who invented the microchip for animals?

Robert Noyce is credited with the invention of the microchip and VeriChip Corporation developed the RFID (radio-frequency identification) microchip used for pet recovery.

Who invented microchip?

Robert noyce & jack kilby

When was diggers invented?

hal whitman is the founder of modern computing having invented the microchip

Where did Jack kibly invent the microchip?

Jack St.Claire Kilby invented the microchip at TI's new Semiconductor Building in July of 1958

Where was the first pet microchip invented by Carl sanders?

i think i dont no

What are aqua pets?

Aqua pets are interactive toys that were introduced in 2004. They are floating, thumb-sized and three-dimensional figures that have a speaker, microphone, and microchip.

Is Hal Whitman the founder of modern computing having invented the microchip?


Hal Whitman is the founder of modern computing having invented the microchip?


Who invented pillow pets?

Jennifer Telfer invented pillow pets.

What is the output for a pet microchip?

Microchips cannot hurt your pet. If your pet is lost, then found, but does not have a collar on then there is a chance that he will be swiped for a microchip. If a microchip is found, then the swiper will show a number. That number will tell your information such as your phone number and address. I believe all pets should be microchipped.

Can inserting a microchip be harmful to a pet?

No, not at all. The microchip is smaller than a grain of rice and feels like a shot. Other than the prick from the insert it does not hurt your pet. Once inserted your pet can not feel the microchip. Microchips are only beneficial. If your pet is lost, then found, he has a chance to be swiped for a microchip. If a microchip is found then a number will be read. That number will contain your information, such as your phone number and your address. If you move your microchip should be updated. I believe all pets should be microchipped.

Who made the first circuit?

Jack Kilby invented the first integrated circuit - the microchip

Where did DrCarl Sanders invent the microchip? Apparently, the only thing "Dr." Carl Sanders invented was this story about his inventing the microchip. The monolithic integrated circuit was invented by Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments in Dallas.

Is it a good idea to microchip your pets?

well, millions of pets become lost every single year and only a few are reunited with there owners. Many of these lost pets end up in a shelter for pets,and are adopted by new owners if you had the micro chip the owners of the shelter would know where the pets belonged too and you would get your pet back as they scan the dog to check for them. If you don't have the micro chip then chances are you will not. Personally i get all my pets a microchip just in case.So yea in my opinion it is a good idea.

Why should people microchip their pets?

It is a good idea to microchip pets, because if you live in a large city, have a small dog, and/or live near busy roads, it would be a good idea so you can find your pet quickly. I have heard countless stories of dogs getting hit by cars or running away, and all of them had no chip.

Who invented gogo pets?

We Invented It Mr.Smith And Mrs.Smith

How do I update our residence information for a pet that has a microchip?

Phone the vet that put it in. Also when you got the microchip put in your pet you were given a form to fill out to a company and you should have a copy. If you can't find it then call your vet. You can call the local pound or other animal residence and ask for your pets microchip information paper. You then can update the microchip's information.

How does a microchip help a chip?

A microchip is a chip.

How do you track a microchip?

with a microchip tracker device