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Gary Dahl, and he consequently became a millionaire.

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In what year was the pet rock invented?

1975 invented by Gary dahl.

What year was the pet rock invented?

1986. of course. I really want one.

Why was the pet rock invented?

To be your best friend and companion. Mines called Roxy!

Why did they invent pet rocks?

The fact is because people wanted a friend to hear them talk only and not to reply, so they invented a rock as a friend to do that. Also because people wanted a pet, but their perants wouldn't let them have one,so, they made a rock pet

Can you enter a rock in a pet competition?

Not unless it is a "pet rock".

How do you train a pet rock?

You can't train your pet rock because it doesn't move and they don't have any body parts to help them move all you can do with your pet rock is that you can hit something with your pet rock.

In what year did the pet rock become popular?

The year pet rock became popular was in 2006. The pet rock was sold a lot on eBay. The pet rock was so popular, Weird Al made a song and mentioned it in his song.

Which Roman Emperor had pet rock?

Elegabalus was the emperor who had the pet rock and walked backwards

How do you get a pet rock on wizard101?

The Pet Rock was released as an April Fools Pet, in 2011. It can only be obtained through hatching now.

What is Aston merrygold's favourite pet?

his pet rock

What year was pet rock a fad?

The product, Pet Rock, was very popular during the 1970's

Toy fad ends with rock?

Pet Rock

Where were littlest pet shops invented?

They were invented in the country of ArubA!!!

Name a kind of pet that's not an animal Family Fued?

Teachers Pet, Pet Peeve, Pet Rock, Pet Chia

What website can you get a pet rock manual?

You can either search it, but here is a pet rock manual; post640.htmlEnjoy! =D(ps: I didn't create it)

Toy fad of the 1970s with the word rock?

pet rock

What is a toy fad of the 1970s that ends with rock?

pet rock

How do you tell if your pet rock is dead?

a rock is never alive

What are pet rock clothing stores?

Its a clothing store for pet rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the release dates for Pet Rock - 2010 SUSPENDED?

Pet Rock - 2010 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2010

Who was the person or people that invented rock?

God invented rock. Rock isn't man made. It is a part of nature.

When were littlest pet shops invented?

they were invented in a country called ARUBA

Who invented littlest pet shops?

Kenner and Hasbro invented LPS's.

How do you get a pet rock?

You find a cute rock laying on the ground an say,"HEY ROCK".

When was rock salt invented?

It was never really "invented." Rock salt is halite, a mineral.

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