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Who invented the recorder instrument?

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Adolph Sax

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Where and when was a instrument recorder invented?

it was invented in Yugoslav

Where was the instrument recorder invented?

Perhaps the earliest unambiguous illustration of a recorder as such is The Mocking of Jesus after 1315

Who invented the woodwind instrument the recorder?

The modern woodwind instruments were invented by adolphe sax in the 1800's

Who invented the recorder a musical instrument?

The inventor is unknown

A recorder is what kind of instrument?

A recorder is a form of woodwind instrument. Types of recorder include, bass, tenor, treble, descant and soprinano.

Notes on the recorder?

the notes on the recorder are the little holes that you would find on your instrument (recorder) of course they are not words cause you can't find a word on an instrument.

Why was the musical recorder invented?

who invented the recorder. The recorder was invented in the Middle Ages around the 13th century. No one person is responsible for it.

What can you do if your recorder instrument parts are loose?

Buy a knew recorder

Where is the recorder instrument from?


What are the differences between trombone and recorder?

A trombone is a brass instrument with a slide. A recorder is a woodwind instrument of the flute family.

What is the frequency of a recorder?

If the recorder is a musical instrument then a talented player can bring a variety of frequencies from the recorder

What type of musical instrument is a recorder?

A recorder is a woodwind musical instrument. There is various of recorders available in different shapes and sizes. Every recorder is known to play differently.

What type of instrument is a Recorder?


Is a recorder a woodwind instrument?


Instrument starting with an R?


What instrument did satchmo play?


Is a recorder a real instrument?

yes it is

What is the state instrument of Illinois?


What instrument is a Shawn?

it is like a recorder

How do you play p on the recorder?

There is no note 'p' on the recorder, or on any musical instrument.

Who invented the portable video recorder in 1965?

Th Ampex Company invented the videotape recorder in 1956.Th Ampex Company invented the videotape recorder in 1956.

When was a digital recorder invented?

In 1967 the first digital audio magnetic tape recorder is invented.

What instrument does Bud learn to play in Bud Not Buddy?

a recorder and a saxphone

What is an instrument starting with R?

Recorder is a musical instrument. It begins with the letter r.

What are the instrument made from a bamboo?

a recorder maybe