Who invented the ski doo?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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a drunken panda bear LOL

French Canadian

No no wait drunken French Canadians

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something Bombardier

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Q: Who invented the ski doo?
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What was invented by Armand Bombardier?


What is better Yamaha or ski doo?

Ski doo Yamaha has nothing on ski doo

Why are ski-doo snowmobiles called ski-doo snowmobiles?

Ski-Doo snow mobiles were supposed to be called ski-dogsnow mobiles, but they had a typing error, so they had to keep it as ski-doo. good luck to all,QuestionGuru12

Who invented the first practical snowmobile?

Joseph bombardier invented the first practical snowmobile leading to the brand ski- doo.

How fast can a ski-doo go?

A ski-doo goes 50-60 km.

Why was the ski doo called the ski doo?

The Ski-Doo was originally intended to be named the "Ski-Dog" because Bombardier Recreational Products (the manufacturers) meant it to be a practical vehicle to replace the dogsled for hunters and trappers. By an accident, a painter misinterpreted the name and painted "Ski-Doo" on the first prototype.

What is faster a Yamaha vmax 700 tripple sx or a ski-doo mxz 600?


Where are the many kinds of ski doo useful?

The use of the ski doo is seen if you ski for the use as snowmobile. They have quick access if people use it with people that ski & they can keep up with people they ski with.

Does a 1981 ski doo citation 4500 have a governor?

does a 1981 ski-doo citation 4500 377cc have a govenor

Where is ski doo made?


Where could one go to order replacement Ski Doo parts?

You can either try and purchase replacement Ski Doo Parts from a local store that stocks Ski Doo items, you can ask friends for recommendations for stores to visit. If you can not find anywhere local then you can look on websites such as SkiDooPartsHouse and ski-doo which allow you to order parts.

What snowmobile is number one?