Who invented the slouch hat?

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It was invented by Simpson

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Q: Who invented the slouch hat?
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What does the slouch hat represent?

It represents the rising sun

What does a slouch hat look like?

A slouch hat is a brimmed hat usually made of felt or cloth, it was commonly worn back in the day as part of the military uniform, but in the recent years have become a fashion accessory, for women and men.

What is the default hat for the Sniper in Team Fortress 2 called?

If you're talking about an in-game hat, there simply isn't one. But if you're looking for it's name in real life, then it's a sort of mix between a slouch hat, and an akubra. Mostly a slouch hat though.

What song is sampled by vital emcee on slouch hat?

Cheese Cake by Dexter Gordon

What hat do they wear on Anzac day?

The Australian army issues a distinctive type of hat know by it's official name of 'Hat, Khaki Fur Felt' (KFF). It is universally known as a 'Slouch Hat'.

Who invented the rain hat?

Maxine Snowden invented the rain hat.

How do you spell slouch?

Slouch is the correct spelling.

Who invented the tri cornered hat?

Who invented the tri-cornered hat and why 3 corners?

What can you wear to make a elf costume?

Green clothing, hat with a cotton ball on the end, pointy shoes, and slouch to look shorter.

Who invented slouch socks?

The slouch sock trend was very popular in the 80's and has been brought back to modern day fashion due to the common use of 80's inspired clothing.

Why do we wear slouch hats?

They are a sun hat appropriate for a sunny climate. They were adopted by troops of the Australian Colonies and carried on into the Commonwealth Military Forces.

Why is there a slouch hat on Anzac Day?

There was a very practical reason for the slouch hat. it was pinned up on one side so that the men could stand with their rifles pointing vertically at their side, without knocking their hat off. The slouch hat was unique to the ANZAC diggers. Even though it came into use in the Australian defence forces during the late 1800s, it became a real symbol of the ANZAC troops, with its distinctive shape. The diggers were known for their courage and loyalty, and the image of the slouch hat on the ANZAC troops became synonymous with the stories of courage that came out from the war, thanks to war correspondents such as C E W Bean. CEW Bean was the Australian official war correspondent, and later official war historian of the time. He landed with the ANZACs at Gallipoli, and his writings contributed significantly to the development and growth of the ANZAC legend. His detailed reports on the landing and subsequent battle/s provided a unique and personal perspective on the events, and within his stories reports was acknowledgement of the slouch hat as symbolic of self-sacrifice and loyalty as the ANZAC troops went about their business without complaint.

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