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Who invented the space suit?

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The inventor of the space suit was Zachery Hansen.

Is he??

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Who invented or made the space suit?

The inventor of the space suit was Zachery Hansen.

Why does a space suit cost so much?

yes the space suit was invented by Kevin

Where was the space suit invented?

Worcester, Massachusetts

What year was the space suit invented?


When was the space suit invented?

In the early 1900's

Why was the space suit invented?

So that when you go to space u have a outfit that is space proof so u don't die.

Who invented the first space helmets?

Evgeniy Chertovsky created the full-pressure suit or high-altitude space suit, including helment, "skafandr" in 1931.

What is space suit?

A space suit is a suit worn in space. This is necessary because of the vacuum and extreme conditions in outer space.

Who invented the swim suit?

Your mother invented the swim suit

What is the insosuit?

The InsoSuit is a space suit made by Isaac Asimov invented to resist against extreme heat.

Who invented the newt suit?

Phil Nuytten invented the Newt Suit in the 1970s.

How much does a space suit weigh?

A space suit weighs about 280 pounds

What does a space suit do?

a space suit gives the astronaut things needed to survive

Where is the location of the space suit in emerald version?

There is no space suit in the Emerald Version.

What is the weight of a space suit on the Moon if the space suit weighs 178.2 pounds on earth?

On the Moon, the space suit would weigh 30.29 pounds.

When was the first bathing suit invented?

the first bathing suit was invented by a variety of people

What is the name of the suit that astronauts where?

space suit?

What is the name of an astronaut suit?

Space suit.

What does a space suit look like?

a space suit is made up of metal and is shiny........!....!!

How does a space suit allow an astronaut to walk in outer space?

The suit allows the person to walk in outer space, because the suit is designed to with stand the extreme heat and cold of outer space.

Who first designed the space suit?

the first space suit designed by B.F. Goodrich in 1930

How long does it take to put on a space suit?

It can take 2 hours to put on a space suit.

How much does a space suit cost?

A space ship suit cost about 10 million dollars !!

How do you get the space suit playing the cool Yogos Game on Poptropica?

In order to get the space suit, you need to beat the yogos game. Once defeated, you will be able to equip yourself with the space suit.

Why is wearing a space suit so important when you go to mars?

Air and temperature are controlled in a space suit.