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I think that a 'Spaceship' needs to be defined before anyone answers your question. A Spaceship is a fanciful Science Fiction object . A Spaceship is not another name for a Satellite or Space Station. Spaceships are the things of novelists whom write make believe stories about people traveling off into outer space beyond the earth's atmosphere. Because there never was and have not yet been any spaceships available for people to travel into outer space, then they are certainly not an invention. They are simply a fictional idea.

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Q: Who invented the spaceship and where was it invented?
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Who invented the spaceship?

The concept of a spaceship was invented by H.G. Wells, or perhaps by Cyrano De Bergerac, depending on what you consider to be a spaceship

When was the spaceship invented?


In what country were the spaceship invented?


Who invented spaceships?

The concept of a spaceship was invented by H.G. Wells, or perhaps by Cyrano De Bergerac, depending on what you consider to be a spaceship

Who invented the first space ship?

John Jockenhowser invented the very first spaceship. This invention occurred in 1453. However, NASA has invented the modern spaceship.

Who built the first spaceship?

Sergei Korolyov invented the first spaceship in Moscow, Russia.

Who invented the first spaceship?

Bill Maye's invented the "first" spaceship, although it has been known to scientists that people have been planning space flight for since the first Sputnik launches.

Who invented the first spaceship and what is his life story?

Billy mayes and he did commercials for the Kaboom fantastic!!

What was invented in 1981?

well this is not an invention but it happend in 1981! in 1981 the Space Shuttle is the first reusable spaceship.

What year was the spaceship invented?

The first space ship design was made by John Jockenhowser in 1453. NASA invented the modern space ship based on his designs.

Where was spaceship invented?

A team led by Sergey korolyov invented the first manned spacecraft in Russia. It was called the Vostok 1 and Yuri Gagarin was the first person in space.

What is the door to a spaceship call?

spaceship door

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