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Cyrus West FieldClick on the link to your right for more information.
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Q: Who invented the transatlantic cable?
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Where was the transatlantic cable invented?


Who invented the underwater transatlantic cable?

Cyrus Field

Who invented the transatlantic telegraph cable?

Cyrus field

Who invented the first transatlantic telegraph cable?

John walson

What was the year the transatlantic cable invented?


Who invented transatlantic cable?

The first transatlantic telegraph cable was invented and constructed because of Cyrus West Field and the Atlantic Telegraph Company. It took four years to complete, 1854 to 1858.

When was the first transatlantic cable laid?

1858 - transatlantic telegraph cable

Who and when invented the transatlantic cable?

Cyrus West Field was the force behind the first transatlantic telegraph cable, attempted unsuccessfully in 1857 and completed on August 5, 1858 Fredrick Newton Gisborne actually invented it in 1858.

What was the impact of the transatlantic cable?

The Impact of the transatlantic cable was that cable could bring messages across the ocean and to Europe and all of the world . Now the people back then could communicate through this cable which it is connect by a wire to a telephone which later invented Samuel Morse.

When was the first transatlantic telephone cable?

The first transatlantic telephone cable was completed in 1956

What did Cyrus West Field invent?

Cyrus W. Field invented the first transatlantic telephone cable.

Why was the Transatlantic Cable important?

The Transatlantic Cable was important because it reduced the time taken to communicate across the Atlantic exponentially. The success of the cable is also said to have inspired the rise of the Internet.

Who financed the first transatlantic cable?


Who Worked with the transatlantic cable?

Julia Hancock

How was the transatlantic cable built?

Katlynn burch

Who invented the underwater telegraph cable?

The idea of a transatlantic telegraph cable was introduced my Samuel Morse himself in 1840. Fourteen years later in 1858, The Atlantic Telegraph Company behind the guidance of Cyrus West Field completed the first transatlantic telegraph cabe. It connected Newfoundland to Ireland.

Is the transatlantic cable still in use today?

no, dah

Who laid the first transatlantic cable?

Cyrus field

What was the relationship between gutta percha and the first transatlantic telegraph cable?

Gutta Percha is a flexible rubber-like material. It was used as an outside coating for the first transatlantic telegraph cable.

Who built the first transatlantic cable?

isambard kingdom brunel

The building of the first transatlantic cable?

isambard kingdom brunel

Do you still use a transatlantic cable now a days?


What technological advances were there in the 1860s?

There were many different technological advances in the 1860s. The submarine was invented, the first transatlantic telegraph cable was created between Europe and America, dynamite was invented, and the modern periodic table was developed.

What did Cyrus Field do?

Cyrus Field led the establishment of the first transatlantic telegraph cable. The first transatlantic message was received in 1858, but the cable stopped working after about 3 weeks. This cable was replaced by a new cable that was successfully laid in 1866 after five earlier attempts dating back to 1857.

Is there still a transatlantic cable?

YEs there is pear pear hoi hoi