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the inventor of turntables is daniel leland cooley

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Did Daniel leland cooley invent something?

Yes, He invented turntables

How many different types of turntables are out there ?

There are to many types to count, there are usb turntables,dj turntables, laser turntables and classic turntables.

What year was the turntable invented?

turntables were invented around the 1930's but the record player came out more in the 1970's

Are all turntables portable?

Most turntables are not difficult to transport, but cannot be used wirelessly.

Which turntables are USB compatible for PCs?

Denon turntables are compatible with all PC's right now.

Whic turntables are easiet to change the needle on?

Sony turntables allow for easy change of needles and provide quality sound.

Which turntables are Serato compatible?

It really depends on what type of turntable you're looking at. For DJ turntables it's hit or miss.

What turntables provides the easiest wiring setup for basic users?

All turntables have a simple output scheme, where each plug is color coded. It's very difficult to make an error when setting up wiring on turntables these days.

Which turntables are best for beginning DJs?

Any old turntables or used ones are good. It will get pretty beaten up. Have extra needles handy.

Who is 0 in slipknot?

Sid Wilson (turntables)

Where can you buy a turntable?

Turntables are available at almost any electronic store. The most popular places to buy turntables right now are BestBuy, Amazon, and Ebay.

What type of turntables does Skrillex use?

cdj 2000

What turntables offer the clearest sounds and bass?

The Sony digital turntables with digital tuners offer incredible sound, while still keeping the richness of the analog format.

What is the Italian translation of 'turntables'?

Giradischi is an Italian equivalent of the English word "turntables."Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article il means "the." Its singular indefinite article un, uno means "a, one."The pronunciation is "DJEE-rah-DEE-skee."

What does spinning on the ones and twos mean?

"ones and twos" refers to the two turntables commonly used by DJs. "Spinning on the ones and twos" then, is the act of playing (spinning) records on the turntables.

What actors and actresses appeared in 2 Turntables and a Microphone - 2008?

The cast of 2 Turntables and a Microphone - 2008 includes: Kid Rock as himself Russell Simmons as himself

Why do microwave ovens have turntables?

to give an even spread of heat

Instrument at the start of faint by linkin park?

Joe's Turntables.

Are djs musicians?

If you would consider turntables an instrument, then yes.

Does dj hero 2 come with two turntables?


Where can buy cheap Direct Drive turntables?

Competitive prices for the Direct Drive turntables are available through eBay or Amazon. One can also learn more about the turntable through Wikipedia.

Was there once microwaves with no turntables?

Yes & they are still available both ways.

How high should a DJ table be?

About a 90 degree angle with your turntables.

Can you use turntables without records?

I think you can use them as a pottery wheel.

Which turntable company provides the best customer support service?

The Sony turntables have great support and come with a three-year warranty, though the turntables are almost certain to last quite a bit longer.