Who is Alex Mason?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Answerer 1: Alex is the main character and mason is her werewolf boyfriend they are probably on about their relationship.

Answerer 2 (mx439): Alex Mason is the main character of Black Ops.

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Q: Who is Alex Mason?
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What song do Alex and Mason dance to in Alex saves Mason?

"A Year Without Rain" by Selena Gomez (who plays Alex).

Will Alex still be with Mason after the Friday Finale?

Yes, Alex and Mason stay together after the finale. If Alex had lost her powers, they would not have been able to have been together.

Is alex russo married to mason?


Will Alex Russo get back together with mason grey?

I Think They Will,Cause Mason Loves Alex And Alex Wouldnt Have Anything Separate Them,But To FInd Out You Will Have To Watch The Rest Of Season Four.

What episode is it after alex saves mason?

On Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex first met Mason in the episode that's titled "Alex Charms a Boy" which was during Season 3.

Is mason from cod 6 Mormon?

Yes, Alex Mason from COD6 is Mormon. Why not.

What happens in Wizards Unleashed?

Alex sees Mason on T.V. and goes to get him back. He is being held captive by a family of wizards in the country. The wizards say they will only give Mason back if they can have the Russo's portal. Alex tricks them and sends them into nowhere. They then break their deal with Alex and turn Mason back into a wolf. Alex uses an animal translator on Justin's wand and finds out that if you play some instruments, Mason will become human. Alex and Justin play the instruments, but they are missing one. So, Mason becomes half wolf. Alex is in love with him, but then she finds out that he may be half wolf forever and she is ashamed of him. Later, Mason wants to go to a party but Alex doesn't want to because she is afraid people will laugh at her because of Mason. At the party, people laugh and Mason finds out Alex is ashamed of him and he walks out. Alex is alone while Harper comes to talk to her. Harper says Mason loves her because Alex doesn't care what other's think and she shouldn't now. Alex goes into the elevator with Mason and apologizes. He doesn't believe her, so they go back into the party and they slow dance to Selena Gomez's song, A Year Without Rain, and Mason sees that Alex isn't afraid to be seen with him. Then, Justin finds the instrument to turn Mason a human. But Alex says no, because she loves Mason just the way he is, and she doesn't care if he is ugly. Justin walks away, but Mason follows him and begs Justin to change him back. Justin changes Mason back and Mason and Alex share a hug. Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa are on their anniversary vacation, and Harper is trying to get her first kiss from Zeke.

What will happen after wizards vs werewolf?

Mason likes Alex but Alex thinks he is cheating on her so one I she sees what his secret is .....he is a werewolf. Then Mason, Alex ,and Justin go to Transylvania and Mason gave Alex a heart necklace. They find the mummy but that's the least of there worry's. Mason accidentally said to Juliette that he loved her . Then Alex and Mason go find the true love necklace in Transylvania.While they were there Justin and Juliette go to Transylvania.Mason and Justin start to fight and Juliette joins in.When Alex does find the necklace Mason got bit by Juliette and Mason scratched Juliette.Mason truly loves Alex but he is a werewolf for ever now.And Juliette will look her real age 2,568.So none of them can be with each other.

Will Mason Greyback Ever Come Back On Wizards?

Ok well mason did come back after alex found him in the mountains and then mason swallowed dean in a following episode and alex and mason broke up and he left and the chances are unlikely that he will return

Did mason greybeck break up with alex russo?

Alex and Mason both break up with each other a lot. Like Alex broke up with Mason when he told Juliet that he loved her and he broke up with her when he got turned into a wolf. Alex also broke up with Mason when he destroyed the Wizard of the Year banquet. And so on and so on. But currently they are dating. Hope that helped answer your question.

Will mason come back?

Yes, for in the music video 'A Year Without Rain' by Selena Gomez also known as Alex Russo. it shows scenes of Mason and Alex. Therefore, Mason will be back. After all there is no other werewolf boyfriend that Alex would date right?

What happens in the episode Journey to the Center of Mason?

What happens is that Dean comes back and wants to date Alex again and starts to spend more time with her. But Mason get jealous so he eats Dean. The Alex, Max and Justin have to rescue Dean. After a while they get Dean. Then he wakes up and still wants Alex back. But Alex says that she has a boy friend and Alex AND Mason get back together!