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Amelia's mom: Amy Earhart

Amelia's dad: Edwin Earhart

Amelia's little sister: Muriel Earhart

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Q: Who is Amelia Earhart's family?
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Related questions

Who was the oldest sibbling in Amelia earharts family?

Amelia was the oldest sibling.

How many people were in Amelia Earhart's family?

there were four people in Amelia Earharts immediate family her, her sister and her mom and dad.

Was Amelia earharts family influential?

Her grandfather was. Not her father or mother.

Who were Amelia Earharts family?

Amelia Earhart had her mother, her father, her sister and cousins I'm one.

Where did they fined Amelia Earharts plane?

they never found amelia earharts plane but the goverment is planning a search for her in 2013

What was Amelia Earharts favorite holiday?

Amelia Earhart favorite Holiday is Christmas, because she loves getting presents, and getting to see her family:)

Are there any facts about Amelia Earharts family?

Interesting facts about Amelia Earhart's family might include the fact that Amelia was named after two of her grandmothers. She was called Meelie by her younger sister who could not pronounce her name.

How old was Amelia earharts brother?

Amelia had no brother.

What is Amelia Earharts brother named?

Amelia did not have a brother.

What was Amelia Earharts sons names?

Amelia had no children.

Amelia Earharts careers?

female pilot

Did Amelia Earharts have kids?

No, she did not.

What where the names of Amelia earharts children?

Amelia never had children.

What were Amelia earharts strenths?

Amelia was smart, practical and determined.

What was Amelia earharts real name?

Amelia Mary Earhart

What was Amelia Earharts mother name?

Amelia's mother was Amelia "Amy" Otis Earhart

Who is Amelia earharts family?

Amy Earhart Mureil Earhart Edward Earhart

What was Amelia earharts siblings name?

Amelia's young sister was Muriel.

What was Amelia Earharts early work?

what was Amelia Earhart's early work

What is Amelia earharts mother called?

Her mother was Amelia Otis Earhart.

What were Amelia Earharts books called?

Amelia Earhart aviotion pioneer

What were Amelia Earharts names?

Her full name was Amelia Mary Earhart.

Who were Amelia earharts parents?


Where did they have Amelia earharts memorial?


What is Amelia earharts talent?


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