Who is Barcelona derby?

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The Barcelona derby is FC Barcelona vs Espanyol

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Q: Who is Barcelona derby?
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Which player has played in old firm derby and real Barcelona derby?

Ronald de Boer, who has played for Barcelona and Rangers.

Who is Barcelona fc's local derby?

It is RCD Espanyol

Played in Manchester derby and merseyside derby and real Madrid versus Barcelona?

Steve McManmin

Player who has played in milan derby Manchester derby and Barcelona?

It could be the French striker Thierry Henry.

Which player has played in a Barcelona Madrid Mersyside north London and Manchester derby?

Nicklaus Anelka

Is Real Madrid x Barcelona a Derby?

Technically a derby is match between two teams within the same city ie manchester united versues manchest city. This is considered a derby (rivalry if you will) known as the el clasico.

Name 3 players who have played in the Glasgow derby the real madrd - Barcelona derby the Ajax feyenoord?

Giovanni van Bronckhorst Henrik Larsson Ronald de Boer frank de boer

Where is the Derby Historical Society Of Derby in Derby Connecticut located?

The address of the Derby Historical Society Of Derby is: , Derby, CT 06418

What are popular horse racing derby's?

Popular ones include the Epsom Derby, the Kentucky Derby, the Irish Derby, the French Derby, the Hong Kong Derby and the Singapore Derby.

Who has played in a Manchester derby and Liverpool derby and Glasgow derby?

Which four players have played in a Manchester derby mersey derby and a Glasgow derby

What is the Most famous football match?

well river plate vs boca juniors is good and real madrid vs barcelona and you cant beat a manchester derby

Who has played in the Milan derby the tee side derby Munich derby Merseyside derby and north London derby?

Christian Ziege

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