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Wait for the next movie

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Renesmee Carlie Cullen

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Q: Who is Bella's baby?
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Name of Bellas Baby?


In Breaking Dawn who did jocob imprint on?

bellas baby

Is Bellas baby a boy or a girl?

Bella's kid is a girl named Renesme.

Name of Bellas Baby middle name?

Carlie a mixture of Carlisle and Charlie

What is Edward Cullens baby's name?

Renesmee, after Bellas mother Rene, and Edward's "mother" Esme.

What is bellas baby name?

Bella names her daughter Renesmee [After her mother: Renee, and Edward's mother for all intents and purposes: Esme].

What is the birth name of Miles Bellas?

Miles Bellas's birth name is Anthony Miles Bellas.

What is the name of Bella and Edwards baby?

Bella and Edwards baby is called Renesmee. It is a cross between Bellas mum (Renee) and Edwards mum (Esme).

How tall is Thomas Bellas?

Thomas Bellas is 6'.

When was Bruce Bellas born?

Bruce Bellas was born in 1909.

When did Bruce Bellas die?

Bruce Bellas died in 1974.

What is the population of Palmas Bellas?

The population of Palmas Bellas is 1,420.