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Q: Who is Bermuda owned by?
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Was Bermuda ever part of Virginia?

Yes. Between 1612 and 1615 Bermuda, then also called the Somers Isles and Virgineola, was owned by the Virginia Company as part of the Colony of Virginia.

Why is it known as the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is named after the island of Bermuda.

What is national bird of Bermuda?

The Bermuda Petrel is the national bird of Bermuda.

What were Bermuda's natives?

There are no natives of Bermuda.

What did Bermuda invented?

bermuda shorts

Is the Bermuda Triangle near Florida?

Yes, the Bermuda Triangle is off the coast of Florida, Cuba, and Bermuda.

What are conservation initiative being conducted by Bermuda aquarium and zoo?

Bermuda Seahorse Project, Bermuda White Tip Shark Project, Bermuda Longtail Project, and Bermuda Amphibian Research Project

What is Bermuda most known for?

The Bermuda rig, Bermuda sloops, stormy weather, and Bermuda onions, most obviously. Bermuda grass is actually from the Mediterranean. Bermuda shorts were introduced to Bermuda by the army. Gosling Brothers' Bermuda Black Seal rum is a blend of rums imported from the West Indies (rum has never been made in Bermuda, but Boston, Massachusetts used to be the leading producer of the spirit). There is no such thing as the Bermuda Triangle, a nonsense invented in recent decades by foreigners.

What do they wear in Bermuda?

Bermuda shorts, of course!!

What did the Bermuda triangle get its name from?

from the island bermuda

Is Bermuda tropical?

No. Bermuda is Sub-tropical.

Who is the current Leader of Bermuda?

The Premier of Bermuda