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John Elway.

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John Elway

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Q: Who is Colorado's state hero?
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What is Colorados state dog?

There is not one

What is colorados nick name?

it is the centennial state

What is colorados state modo?

be a dog forever

What is the colorados state mammal?

rocky mountain

What is colorados state gun?

There isn't any official "state gun".

What is Colorados state dinasour?

Stegosaurus named Alfred

Colorados super state hero?

Colorado's super state hero could be seen as the fictional character, Captain Colorado, who uses the power of the Rocky Mountains to protect the state from villains and disasters. This character could embody the resilience, strength, and spirit of the people of Colorado.

What is Colorados state flower?

Colorado's state flower is the White and Lavender Columbine.

What does each color on colorados state seal stand for?

what does colorado's state seal stand for

What is colorados state birds name?

The bird is Lark bunting thx:)

What is colorados lowest point?

bottom of the Arkansas river at the kansas state line

What does colorados nickname mean?

It is the Centennial State for having joined the Union in 1876.