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Who is Darth Revan?

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Darth Revan:

Following the Sith War and the fall of Exar Kun , the Republic was at its most vulnerable state. Sensing this weakness, the warlike Mandalorians began a series of brutal attacks against worlds throughout the Outer Rim. In desperation, the Republic turned to the Jedi Council for aid. The learned Masters wanted to proceed with customary caution and due care before embarking on a long and destructive military campaign; however, more immediate help came in the form of two young Jedi Knights named Revan and Malak. Ignoring the dictates of the Jedi Council, the charismatic pair recruited many to their cause, rallying the impulsive youth of the Order with cries of victory and glory. With Revan and Malak at the head of their great fleet, the Republic set forth to drive the invaders back. The Mandalorian Wars were long and bloody, and many Jedi perished in the struggle. Yet, at its end, the Republic emerged triumphant, and Revan and Malak were hailed as heroes. But the heroes did not leave the war untouched; something about the Outer Rim worlds twisted and corrupted them. On Korriban, Revan uncovered the lost secrets of the Sith and became the heir to an ancient and evil legacy. Succumbing to the lure of the Dark Side, the fallen Jedi assumed the title of Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith. Revan's friend Malak grudgingly took the mantle of the Dark Lord's apprentice. The great fleet under their control abandoned the Republic and swore fealty to their new Sith masters. With their army of followers, Revan and Malak returned not as saviors, but as conquerors. For two years battles raged on the perimeters of Republic space. The Sith gained victory after victory, until the Jedi set a trap to capture Revan and Malak. But during the chaos of battle, Malak turned on his master and tried to destroy both Revan and the Jedi, but his plan failed. Revan was captured by the Jedi, while Malak escaped and proclaimed himself the new Dark Lord, swearing revenge on the Jedi and Revan. But the Jedi had other plans. They used the brain-washed Revan to help track down Malak. On the ancient Star Forge station, Master and former-apprentice faced off one last time, ending in Malak's defeat. Having regained his memory and the title of Dark Lord, Revan renewed his crusade against the Jedi. Just as the Sith were nearing victory, having nearly wiped out the Jedi, Revan mysteriously left his Sith followers to hide in the Unknown Regions, never to be seen again. The Jedi Civil War would drag on for years to come, the Sith hunting down the Jedi and the Jedi managing to survive.

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Who is more powerful Darth revan or yoda?

Darth revan dude.

Is Darth revan stronger then Darth malak?

Revan is stronger than Malek

Where do you get Darth revan mod for battlfront 2?

you have to beat the game on elite then you save as Darth Revan. When that happens you get the playable Darth Revan, Darth Malak, and Darth Sion. But Darth Revan is the best you get to take off your cape, and you have every single jedi power. also you have unlimited force powers.*********( FOR ALL SYSTEMS)******************darth revan dosent even fit in the blankTHIS IS BULL CRAP DONT TRY IT ITS A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Darth Revan die?

Darth Revan vanished when he was defeated by an Imperial strike team, but it is not known whether he died.

Who would win in a fight Darth bane or Darth revan?

Darth Bane

What books does Darth revan appear in?

--Update-- Darth Revan can be found in the novel 'Star Wars: The Old Republic - Revan' Along with a countless number of KotOR comic books.

Who would win Darth revan or Darth desolous?

Darth revan would win moast of the time because he is far superior but if revan was a Jedi and desolous was a sith he would win because Jedi have and follow to many rules

Who made the Sith holocron that Darth Bane found on Lehon?

Darth Revan

How did Darth Revan die?

After defeating Darth Malak, Revan journeyed into unkown space, leaving behind the ones who accompanied him in his quests to find the Star Forge. Darth Revan's death is not known, and he is not spoken of after that.

Who would win obi one or Darth revan?

--Update-- Darth Revan of course. Revan was both Sith and Jedi, benefiting from the teachings of both, while Obi-Wan was nothing but an over rated Jedi Master.

Who is cooler Darth revan or malak?

A lot of people seem to think Revan. reven is da bomb

Can you find Darth revan hood and robe in kotor1?

Yes all you have to do is make Revan go to the dark side throughout the game and when you confront Bastilla on the unknown world acknowledge that you are Darth Revan and turn against Jolee and Juhanni. When you finally go to the Star Forge you will get Darth Revan Robes instead of Star Forge Robes when you go to the machine.

What year was Revan born on?

I'm not sure which Revan you are speaking of exactly... But.. Darth Revan was born somewhere between 4,000 BBY and 3,965 BBY

What is Darth Revan well known for?

Darth Revan is well known for being the main character in the video game "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic". This character went by the name Revan at first until he was inducted into the Sith by the Emperor. After the induction occurred, Darth was added as part of Revan's name.

Can you play as Darth revan in battlefront 2?

Not with the vanilla game content, however you can mod the game to get Revan as a playable character.

Who is Revan voiced by in Star Wars The Old Republic?

Jeff Bennett voices Darth Revan in the 2011 video game.

Who will win Darth Revan or starkiller?

While Starkiller was undoubtedly an impressive fighter, Revan was a highly skilled Jedi Knight, and a very powerful Sith Lord. The greatest of the era. As awesome as Starkiller is, I'm afraid he'd be no match whatsoever to Darth Revan.

Who was the first Darth in Star Wars?

The first Sith King was Dathka Graush, but the first Sith Lord the title 'Darth' was Darth Revan.

If you have seen Darth Revan figures on most shopping sites so its not that rare why is it 49.99?

The Darth Revan figure is somewhat of a limted edition figure that was only released with the Anniversary Collection. The Darth revan action figure is roughly $80 now while the Darth Malak figure is about $50. If you were to purchase one, I would suggest keeping it in its packaging, as it is rare and should be kept in mint condition.

Where can find Darth revan figure?

best option would be from internet

Which game did Darth revan first appear in?

knight of the old repuplic

Who killed Darth Revan?

No one know.... Since he's disappeared...

How did Darth Malak lose his jaw?

Darth Malak lost his jaw in a mission with Revan. He lost it because during the mission Malak got mad and drew his lightsaber Revan turned and disarmed him. Revan lifted him up by his jaw and crushed it. Malak was bleeding badly and Revan toled him. "Never do that again or I will kill you" And let Malak go....For now

In Star Wars who is Darth raven?

you can find out about Darth revan in star wars knights of the old republic.he's a sith .

Why does Darth Revan wear a mask?

--Updated-- During the Mandalorian Wars, Revan defeated the Mandalore. The mask which you see on Revan once belonged to Mandalore, I guess he just wears it to signify how powerful he is.

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