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Who is Dave Batista REALLY married to?

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He is married to Melina Perez and they have 4 kids 1 daugther and 3 sons and 10 grandchildren. (From Interview on WWE backstage)

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Is Dave Batista Married to Layla?

Absolutely not! Dave Batista is currently single.

If it is Dave Batista bisexual?

batista is married to cheyenne he is not bisexual

How many times was Dave batista married?

Dave Batista was married two times (Glenda 1990 to1992)and(Angie1998 to 2006)

Is Dave Batista still married?

Dave Batista is divorced now, he has 2 or 3 kids and the kids are girls.

Is alica keys married to Dave batista?

no he is diviorced

How can you date Dave batista?

He's married sorry.

Is Dave Batista really 43?


Who is Dave Batista married to?

Dave Batista has been divorced twice. His former wives were Angie Bautista and Glenda Bautista. He had two kids with Glenda.

Is Dave Batista really coming to Malta?

Batista goes to Malta at least once a year

Did Dave Batista die?

No, Dave Batista did not die.

What is dave batista?

Dave Batista is a former WWE Wrestler...

What is Batista's sexual orientation?

No Dave Batista is not gay he is married with beautiful children.

Are Dave batista and john cena really half brothers?

They are not related

Wwe Dave batista?

this isn't a question and batista is called Dave

Does Dave batista have kids?

Dave Batista does have kids. Two girls

Is Dave Batista alive?

Yes, Dave Batista is still alive.

Are Dave Batista and Angie back together?

Dave Batista is NOT back with Angie , Dave is single.

Is batista really married to?

Batista's not married at all, he's divorced.

Does a batista have a wife?

Dave Batista does not have a wife. He was married to some chick named Glenda whom he had two kids with. Then he married Angie and they got divorced but he says he still loves her.

Is Dave batista Cuban?

No Dave batista is not Cuban, he is born Washington D.C

How much Dave Batista weigh?

Dave Batista weighs 290 pounds

Is Dave batista married or dating anyone?

He isn't married, he's divorced twice, he isn't currently dating anyone.

Where does Dave batista live?

Dave Batista lives in Tampa,Florida. You can check on

Did Dave batista wrestle in high school?

Dave Batista did wrestle in high schoool

Does WWE Superstar Dave Batista Have a Daughter?

Yes Dave Batista does have a daughter he has two