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Who is Dylan Sprouse dating?

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Dylan Sprouse has dated:

  • Miley Cyrus (2006)
  • Becky Rosso (2007-2008)
  • Daveigh Chase (2008)
  • Danielle Glassclock (2008-2010)
  • Kara Crane (2010)
  • Juliet Stromin (2010-?)
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Who is Dylan Sprouse currently dating?

Dylan Sprouse is dating Juliet Stromin!

Who did Cole Sprouse date?

cole is rumered for dating lili rehart but confirmed they are not and dylan sprouse is dating barbara pelvin

Is Debby Ryan dating Dylan Sprouse?

No She Is Not Dating Dylan Spouse

Dylan Sprouse dating?

Dylan Sprouse is actually dating a girl named Katie from Los Angeles CA

Who is Kara Crane dating?

She Is Dating Dylan Sprouse

Who is Nicole Anderson dating?

She is dating Dylan Sprouse

Is Dylan Sprouse dating?

No he isn't.

As of 2009 are Dylan and Cole Sprouse dating?

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are not going out with anyone (at the moment)

Does vanessa know that Dylan sprouse is dating her sister?

vaness hudgens sister Stella is 12 how could she be dating Dylan sprouse

Are Cole Sprouse and Victoria Justice dating?

No she is not dating Cole Sprouse.But people say that she is dating Dylan Sprouse.

Is Bella Thorne dating Dylan Sprouse?

She is not, she is dating garret

Is hannah montana dating dylan sprouse?


Was Dylan Sprouse dating Danielle?


Who is Cole and Dylan Sprouse dating?

Yes Dylan is dating Allison Marcus and Cole is dating Jenna Finley

Is Miley Cyrus dating Cole and Dylan Sprouse?

Okay First Of All We All KnoWMiley Cyrus is Dating Nick JonasnotCole and Dylan Sprouse

Are Dylan and Cole Sprouse dating people right now?

Dylan Sprouse is currently dating someone named Jessica. Cole Sprouse previously dated is not currently dating anyone. Dylan and Cole are most known for appearing in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Who does Dylan Sprouse have a crush on?

Dylan Sprouse is supposedly dating Danielle Glasscock. They are in a very serious relationship he has said. Cole isn't dating any one.

Who is Nicole Sheridan Dating?

Is dylan sprouse dating nicole Sheridan

Is Dylan Sprouse dating someone?

He's dating Katie Evans:)

Is zoey deutch dating Dylan Sprouse?

no. they were just dating on-screen

Is Cole Sprouse dating Jake T Austin?

No he is dating Dylan

Who is kara cane and why is she dating Dylan Sprouse?

she's not dating him anymore

Is Alyson stoner Dylan Sprouse girlfriend?

no, i think Dylan sprouse is currently dating a fane and Alyson stoner is single

Is Dylan Sprouse dating Victorious Justices?

No He's not

Is Dylan Sprouse dating Allison Marcus?